Tuesday Motivational Talk

That’s the reason I preach empowerment.

See yourself as the King or Queen you are!

Lift others! Keep doing it until we rise as a unit.

Happy Tuesday to you all and remain empowered highness!


Last TMT of 2015

Hi y’all! Auntie (that would be me- by the way) is back back back!

Before the year comes to a close I thought I would do a last Tuesday Motivational Talk and, the topic for this TMT is reflection.

I think it ties in nicely with the end of year/new year.

As a new qualified teacher, it’s something I get to do quite regularly. Reflecting on my practice, especially after a lesson observation, is very helpful to help me get better. I have the chance to look back at what went well and how to make it better for next time.

Why am I talking about this? Well… the good thing about this reflection is that it can be applied to ANYTHING in life really.

You learn- you apply- you reflect.

You do- you reflect- you learn.

      After this time of reflection, you come up with an action plan. You review your progress and set targets.

With this year ending, do take a few minutes to reflect on the year that had gone by and maybe set some targets for the coming year. It could be something that you do weekly/ monthly or yearly. Do whatever works for you actually. Whatever it is that you do, learn and grow from it!

I will try my best to apply this in my daily life as well.

Until next year time, kings and queens,

take care of yourself and remain empowered!

#LettersIWillNeverSend… Dear 14 year-old me,…

For the longest time, I have been thinking of writing letters just to get things out of my mind. These letters are not meant to be sent but to help me grow and move on in life.

I’m turning 24 in less than a month and was thinking to myself: “what would I tell my 14 year-old self if I had the chance?”. Well,here it is in a short #LetterIWillNeverSend

      Dear 14 year-old me,

It is sad that you missed out on many opportunities but it is well. It was just not the right time I guess.

Don’t worry about a thing. Things will work out for your own good.

You will find your path. keep smiling and dreaming.

Many people have plans for your life but it is not what matters.

You didn’t always take advice… it’s okay. You still turned out pretty decent may I say.

Your name is still not out there for bad reasons- we thank God.

You made and are still making your way. You have grown to be quite a beautiful woman, inside out.

10 years from now, you will be living away from your first and second family… trying to make a life for yourself.

You have somehow fallen in and out of love… maybe with the wrong persons or for the wrong reasons but the best is yet to come.

You are royalty. Remain empowered!


Your nearly 24 year-old self

What about you? What would you tell your “10-year younger self” if you were given the opportunity?

Be empowered highness