Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #6 || July’s Edition

Hello beautiful and handsome ones! How are you feeling today?

We’re more than half way through July so you KNOW that my box has arrived. It has been here for just over a week even! I did an unboxing on my Instagram (@highnessempowershighness) and that made me well lazy to do a proper post here.

But here I am with it. Have a look! My babe at MEB is helping me to get ready for my holidaaaaaayyyyys!!

1- Phrooti’s Fruit infused water- RRP £1.95

I’m surprised this is not opened yet! I normally enjoyed flavoured water so I hope I like this one. The main difference is that this not simply flavoured. It is infused with real berries. Plus, it is made in England. Check them out here.

2- The Soap Connoisseur’s Blossoming Blueberry Whipped scrub- RRP £15

A new scrub! Glory!! The one I had done myself just finish. Talk about amazing timing!! Have you seen the price!! I hope it works nicely on my skin. Also, did I say it smells divine?! Their website is right here.

3-MEB’s Woke sleep mask- RRP £7

An item from their own brand. I’m gonna end up with everything they sell if I’m not careful you know.

Anyway, I am travelling in the next few weeks. Quite a long flight to be honest so I hame going to flaunt it and be ready to discuss with my neighbours about being woke!!

Auntie, queen, babe’s website ->> here.

4- Jim and Henry’s leave-in conditioner- eight- RRP £18.50

When I unboxed it on my Insta story, I tagged the brand and they told me it is called eight because it only has 8 ingredients. Such a nice size for travels so I’m excited about that!!

5- Purell’s sanitizing wipe- sample

Keep it clean, even on holiday! I have not used had gel as much as I used to in ages. I simply wash my hands because it feels much cleaner. However, this is great in case of emergency!! yeah!

6- MEB’s Goddess necklace- RRP £10

Another one from MEB! Can’t wait to be rocking this precious little necklace. I love what it stands for.

7- Feed My Creative’s luggage tag- RRP £3.50

Ayeeeeeee!! Limited edition luggage tag!! I have spoken to the owner on instagram and she’s such a  darling. Well pleased with the product. Another thing I will be using this August!!

8- MEB Glorious fist badge 

Growing my collection ayeeeeee!! I am so proud of my badges. I’ll keep on saying it: they are amazing convo starter!!

Bits and bobs:

The content of the box is worth £57 which is the price I pay for 3 boxes 💁🏾💁🏾

Go ahead and empower someone today 👑✊🏿
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Málaga, ciudad maravillosa ✨

This time last week, I was enjoying the sun in Málaga!! Oh what a ciudad!!

I spent a week there and I did not want to come back. Málaga is me as a place: quiet and extra as the same damn time!!

Have a look at some of the pictures I took 🙂

They may not know that I am a French citizen living in England but they will definitely remember me as the Haitian girl, la morena con el pelo largo.

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My trip fell during la Semana Santa (=Holly Week, which is the week leading to Easter) so I really got to see the city being extra!

The people in the following picture are not part of the KKK but are Nazarenos, members of a brotherhood.

 As you can see, “the chair” followed me all the way to Spain smh.

Just chilling with my bull in Ronda!

Ronda is a pretty much a postcard!

Chilling en la casa de San Juan Bosco!

En la plaza de Toros de Ronda- the OG of the plazas de Toros! Serving some #BlackGirlMagic aye!

Málaga is a place that I will DEFINITELY go back to!!

Have you ver visited Malaga or any part of Spain?

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