Thursday three| 2 new faves and an oldie 🌷

Hello beaux and belles!!

Happy almost Friday to you all! A Thursday three on the blog… wowu!! So, what have I been liking lately?! Keep reading and you’ll find out my Thursday three!

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Thursday Three… it’s all about that base, ’bout that base!

Good morning to you!

How is your day going? Earlier last week, I was thinking about how it has been a long time I’ve posted a Thursday Three so I’m here to rectify that. Here are three product I have been loving and enjoying for the past weeks:

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Thursday Three- Skin Clear

I am back with a TT. It has been a while.

This time, I am here to talk about some skincare. I have told you about my problem with chocolate and all that kind of stuff and all the spots I wanted to clear off my face.

I have also mentioned one pretty much magical product that I got from boots. Well, you know what, I went back a bought a few more from the same range. Continue reading “Thursday Three- Skin Clear”

Thursday Three 🎀🎀

Fighting the spots one by one, nail saviour and blush upgrade!!
I think I could stop here and post the pictures of my Thursday Thee.

I could… but I won’t do that! Let me say some more!

Item 1img_2247

Blush de Bobbi Brown- the pigmentation is lush! It stays on untiiiiiiiil I get rid of it myself pretty much. I can’t really put a date on it, but I have a feeling that since I’ve been using this and nothing else, I have been receiving loads of compliments about my cheekbones. People -males and females- have been asking me about my countour game. If you could see my face as I tell them it’s all natural, just some blush.

This is definitely an upgrade from the sleek one I have. It blends in so beautifully  that it’s scandalous.


Item 2img_2289
Now into a little less glamorous item. Or is it? Remember, about a month or so ago, I went to boots looking for anything that would help me with blemishes and spots.

This one ACTUALLY works!!! It doesn’t quite dry the spot, it simply makes it disappear. I am yet to find how it works but it does.

One of its best features is the application. You can use it at any given time because you only have to dab it onto the spot/ area you want to treat and it is a clear product. It can go under or over makeup or any treatment.

It doesn’t create discolouration or hyperpigmentation or scars.

Item 3
This think is like a miracle!! How did I do without it?! Seriously?! This saves  my manicures. Gone are the days of texturised nails- lol.

I ALWAYS feel like I have something to do as soon as I paint my nails😩😩


And these, my dear, are my Thursday Three for this week! I will catch you on the next post. Take care and be empowered!✊🏿✊🏿

Thursday Three

It’s been aaaaaaages since I did a Thursday Three post. I didn’t feel like repeating myself over and over again as my faves don’t change that much.

I wanted to add more fashion ones but taking “fashion” pictures is a bit more delicate if I may say.

Have a quick look at what I’ve been enjoying/ luuuuurving recently👀👀

1- My tea tree and witch hazel blemish stick from boots

The two main ingredients are top notch when it comes to helping to get clearer skin. SO that’s that!

I think I’ve used up to half of it. I love the stick design and therefore the way to apply it. Technically, your fingers and hand don’t even have to touch your face in the process -limiting the transfer of bacteria from your hands to your face.

Cool feature in my opinion.

Then the fresh, almost minty smell. It doesn’t stay on for long, only as you’re applying it. This is another win.

I would love to say that it works perfectly but I think that it’s “psychosomatic” lol. Plus, it may be too early to notice any drastic change.

I’m slowing down on my chocolate intake and keeping on using this until I see good progress!

2- Amor Amor de Cacharel

Next one is this perfume. I got it for less than £20 and the smell is divine.

You know when you’re wearing a perfume and someone passes by you and turns around with a “mmmmmhhhhh! Whose perfume is that?!” Or hearing someone say that you have “good/great taste in perfume”. It makes you feel fuzzy inside. Believe me!

That’s exactly what I got wearing this one. Just made me love it more.

3- My earrings

Last but not least, these earrings.

Two of them are combs and one is the shape of Haiti😍😍

One of the comb as you can see has this Ghanaian symbol called: gye Namye (Gye Nyame //Meaning: “Except God”)

I can’t get enough of them. They look fab and great conversation starters wherever I go. They are ze bomb.

Let me know what you’ve been liking lately in the comments. In the meantime, be empowered! ✊🏿✊🏿

Thursday Three: nothing below the neck⭐️

Salut!  ¡hola! Ola!

How art thee? I truly hope you are keeping well my dear!

Just passing by to talk about my favourite three for this past fortnight. Let’s go straight to it: 
Makeup Perfecting Primer by Cailyn

Straight from one of my ChocoBelle boxes. It has a good formula and does keep my makeup through the day but the real deal breaker for me really is the fact that it has a pump🙈🙈

Curl and Shine style milk by Shea Moisture

Even if the top of my hair is in protective style I still use such product on the side. It gives it shine and makes it smell good. I don’t really have curls to define but the moisturising side of it is 👌🏿👌🏿

Last but not least, these earrings. I bought them on eBay a couple (?) of years ago I believe. If I wear them once… I will wear them a good week straight on. I pretty much keep them in my pockets until I empty them.

In the morning, I sometimes don’t have time to change/ take or think about earring, so I go for whichever ones are in my pockets/ bag. They would go with pretty much anything since they are in wood.
And that is it for my TT… as I said, nothing below the neck. I’ll catch y’all later. Until then, take great care of yourself and be empowered ✊🏿✊🏿

LoveBlog #10|| Thursday Three

It is Thursday today! I almost forgot!! Sacrilège!

Check my 3 most used/worn/loved items of this week:

Zara eau de parfum in Nuit 
This was a little gift from one of my friends that featured in the pictures I posted yesterday. This smells extremely  nice and fresh.   Plus, it lasts all day!
Eau précieuse. 

This one works like a charm. It is pretty much the equivalent of a toner. I got it in France. For me it’s the best thing after my micellar water! It leaves my face really clean and ready! 

Dark and lovely deep repair  
This is completely part of my daily routine. Every single day after I shower I shower myself in this. It leave my skin smooth and smelling like cocoa. It does exactly as it says!
Almost all ski cares my lovelies. 

I am tired but bring on Friday yeaaaaaaaah!!

I’ll see you tomorrow my loviesxxx