My skin went through hell and is now back… finally

Hello everyone!

Help me say “Praise the Lord!” for I’ve got a testimony today!

My skin went through hell and is now back! Thank God!!

Now listen: I really can’t tell when it all started but I know when I started to take notice and focus on it I wanted to cry. My skin got real nasty… real quick … for what seemed like forever. I can’t remember having bad acne before that bar some pimples when I have my periods or when they are coming.


Top — left: April 2016 and right: June 2016
Bottom  — left: Aug 2016 and right Jan 2017


As I have said many times before in here, I stopped eating or indulging on peanut butter and chocolate and I saw a reduction of the pimples on my face- cheeks, forehead and chin altogether!

When I no longer had the actual pimples, I had to work on removing the dark spots left behind.

Top — left: May 2017 and right: May 2017
Bottom  — left: June 2017 and right Feb 2017

I know I wasn’t where I wanted to be but in September this year, I had decided to go to work without makeup- apart from my eyebrows. I didn’t want powder nor foundation on my face. It was a bid deal for me because I work I a secondary school

Bottom right is where I am at this early November and it is still getting better as I am typing this post. GLORY!


Top — left: July 2017 and right: July 2017
Bottom  — left: Sept 2017 and right Nov 2017

I went crazy doing research online because to tell you the truth, I wanted a miracle product that would work in one day… quite literally. At the same time, I was proper and still am scared of the products with manmade bleaching agents. Yes, I want clear skin but I have my boundaries and reservations.

I was looking for more natural remedies and skincare so I went for: rose water, lemon oil, tea tree oil and black soap.

I obviously used other skincare products- the vast majority if not all contains tea tree.

For a period of time, I used 3 products from the Effaclar range from Laroche-Posay.

I really can’t tell you which one had the biggest impact on my skin but they ALL played a role to get me where I am now.


Currently, I am using rose water and witch hazel as toner, I still have some tea tree oil and black soap. I won’t say I have a routine per say but I try to keep my skin clear of makeup when I don’t “need” it.

Now I have the odd spots that come and go and I can deal with that. But I am also trying to really set a routine that I can keep up with.


I guess my conclusion to this post it to pay attention to your body and your skin, with is the largest organ of your body. You’re in your body till you die so take care of it as well as you can.

Be blessed and be empowered, always.


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“That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither– whatever they do prospers.”- Psalm 1:3


Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #6 || July’s Edition

Hello beautiful and handsome ones! How are you feeling today?

We’re more than half way through July so you KNOW that my box has arrived. It has been here for just over a week even! I did an unboxing on my Instagram (@highnessempowershighness) and that made me well lazy to do a proper post here.

But here I am with it. Have a look! My babe at MEB is helping me to get ready for my holidaaaaaayyyyys!!

1- Phrooti’s Fruit infused water- RRP £1.95

I’m surprised this is not opened yet! I normally enjoyed flavoured water so I hope I like this one. The main difference is that this not simply flavoured. It is infused with real berries. Plus, it is made in England. Check them out here.

2- The Soap Connoisseur’s Blossoming Blueberry Whipped scrub- RRP £15

A new scrub! Glory!! The one I had done myself just finish. Talk about amazing timing!! Have you seen the price!! I hope it works nicely on my skin. Also, did I say it smells divine?! Their website is right here.

3-MEB’s Woke sleep mask- RRP £7

An item from their own brand. I’m gonna end up with everything they sell if I’m not careful you know.

Anyway, I am travelling in the next few weeks. Quite a long flight to be honest so I hame going to flaunt it and be ready to discuss with my neighbours about being woke!!

Auntie, queen, babe’s website ->> here.

4- Jim and Henry’s leave-in conditioner- eight- RRP £18.50

When I unboxed it on my Insta story, I tagged the brand and they told me it is called eight because it only has 8 ingredients. Such a nice size for travels so I’m excited about that!!

5- Purell’s sanitizing wipe- sample

Keep it clean, even on holiday! I have not used had gel as much as I used to in ages. I simply wash my hands because it feels much cleaner. However, this is great in case of emergency!! yeah!

6- MEB’s Goddess necklace- RRP £10

Another one from MEB! Can’t wait to be rocking this precious little necklace. I love what it stands for.

7- Feed My Creative’s luggage tag- RRP £3.50

Ayeeeeeee!! Limited edition luggage tag!! I have spoken to the owner on instagram and she’s such a  darling. Well pleased with the product. Another thing I will be using this August!!

8- MEB Glorious fist badge 

Growing my collection ayeeeeee!! I am so proud of my badges. I’ll keep on saying it: they are amazing convo starter!!

Bits and bobs:

The content of the box is worth £57 which is the price I pay for 3 boxes 💁🏾💁🏾

Go ahead and empower someone today 👑✊🏿
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@MyEbonyBox review || April’s Edition

@MyEbonyBox review || April’s Edition

Bonjour à tous! How you doing? I’m back with the review of April’s box from MEB.

The original post should show up at the very bottom of the page. If it is not the case, here is the link.

And now, leggo!

1- Choc Plus – Hot chocolate marshmallow and chocolate. RRP is said to be £2.

Now, the thing is I don’t drink nor eat chocolate as much as I used to but this is nice to try. I will probably be sharing with friends.

TRIED IT- I used it with hot milk and the hotter the quicker it melts. It is actually a very nice hot chocolate prep. I don’t actually like marshmallow but it would have been much better with more of it. Finally, I could bet money of the fact that I saw my local Aldi selling it! Check your own if you are interested in trying it

2- Cream of nature– Açai berry and keratin strengthening hair masque- RRP £1

I normally like the products from CON. This is a new fragrance. I will only be able to use it when I remove my braids. I will keep you posted in my review of this box, next month.

+ 2 samples (shampoo and conditioner). I don’t have a whole lot of hair but I already have a feeling that will not be enough- especially the conditioner.

NOT USED YET– they are in my massive hair sample pile that like to shop now and again. I will be giving it a go this weekend, when it is washday for me. I have used CON’s products before and I have been happy with them so there should be no reason for me not to like these ones.

3- Choctone postcard by Ramses Schweizer- RRP £1.50

Indeed, “my chocolate comes in all shades”. Love the message behind it! If you are familiar with the Pantone concept, you should understand this easily. Another piece to frame!!

NOT FRAMED YET but this is simply because I need to get some smaller frames from poundland. At the moment, it is in my bedside table. Still loving it though

4- EWA Nutrilicious face mask RRP £1 on the leaflet but £1.50 on the insta page. 

It’s a mix of clay , coconut powder and some other powder. It is to be mixed with water of milk. I will try both ways and review it.

NOT USED YET– but I will probably have by the time you read this post. Check my instagram to see what I say about it (@highnessempowershighness)

5- MEB– Handmade African bangle RRP £5

It’s MEB’s own brand. I love Ankara everything.I am VERY into that because they tend to be really unique.

WORE IT ROCKED IT! I had on a white shirt or it really stood out. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to find a way to stop it from fraying!

6- MEB- Ebony noir candle. RRP £4

I’m not trying to be funny but this one of the nicest smells ever.  Spicy, woody and floral is EXACTLY what it smells like. I didn’t think I would like it but my mistake!! I had stopped burning candles a few months ago but I’m gonna get back to it because it is always nice.

USING IT– burning it as I am typing this post and you NEED to get one and try it. Personally I love it!!

7- Bea skincare– vitamin infused Konjac sponge set £RRP £22

According to the leaflet in the box, it’s the part 1 of it. Next month, we should receive prat 2. I want to believe it is the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser from the same brand but I could be wrong.

I’ve had Konjac sponges before and usually enjoyed using them. We shall see if it makes any difference that it is vitamin infused!

NOT USED YET– I was waiting for the part 2- which arrived with this mont’s box and it is a cleanser. Hopefully I will be able to talk about it in the next review.


I can’t wait to get June’s box and also review May’s. I really am enjoying the boxes and products. I love to know that the products and companies are for strong and empowering black women – most if not all.

Support and empower for Highness surely Empowers Highness.

There is greatness in you, Highness.👸🏾👑✊🏿

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#StudyingSociety: Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour”

This is such a poor excuse to anything and in any situation. I don’t want to hear this ever again, from anyone and this is why:

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” as soon as I start to flaunt my melanin.

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” when I want to create a safe space for people who are the same colour as me.

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” because you feel excluded from said safe space.

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” because you think “we are all humans”: did you or your people and forefathers not know we were all humans when they excluded us from everything possible? Did they not know that when they treated people of colour as sub-humans?

My colour upsets you because I celebrate it.

Because I see my flaws and accept them.

Yes we’re all humans but we are all different. Wether you like it or not, this colour that you “don’t see” is one of our differences.

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour”. How can you “not see colour”? Are you you colourblind?

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” only when it is convenient for you to say so.

See my colour but don’t treat me as a lesser person because of it.

See my colour and still give me the job because I have the skills and knowledge.

See my colour and give me the treatment that I deserve.

Don’t you ever tell me that you “don’t see colour”- especially because you are trying to be politically correct… it’s not cute.

Be empowered my Highness, 👸🏾👑✊🏿


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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #4||May’s Edition

Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #4||May’s Edition

Hello there!

A new month, a new box! My box got here on Thursday with a new set of goodies.

Let us have a look at it all.

We still have the classy and classic black box.

1- Gold eyeliner – Rimmel London RRP £4

My kinda eyeliner to be honest. I used to love coloured eyeliners but for some reason we drifted apart. This right here is motivation. Watch out for the makeup look post…

I could not find it on Rimmel’s website but here is a link to it on amazon

2- Exfoliating cleanser– bea skin care RRP £29

This is the second part for the bea duo promised last month. i am now ready to use the konjac sponges. Also it is a full size product so yay!

3- Shea and coconut oil- Gro healthy RRP £4.49

I have grown fonder of this brand thanks to My Ebony Box, although buying any of their product is a hassle- especially for me living in Bournemouth *sigh*

Anyways, oil is alway needed for my natural hair. Since I am trying to grow it out, I’m going to work out on a good but simple regimen to see how much it helps.

4- QUEEN make up/ pencil bag– My Ebony Box RRP £6

😍😍👸🏾👑- That’s all I have to say!! #Highness

5- Scotch bonnet sauce sample- Tropical Paradise Preserves RRP £2

When I say this item, all I could think of was Beyoncé’s lyrics: “I’ve to hot sauce in my bag…”

Okay, I know she was not talking about literal hot sauce but in my case, it applies so we’re gonna roll with it :)-  Their FB page is here.  (That’s the first time I cannot eat the edible item whilst typing the unboxing post… sad)

6- Creamy whipped shea butter with precious oils- Aiko Naturals RRP £3.99

I used to do my own whipped shea butters so it is nice to go back to something that I know and that is practical and easy to use everyday.

7- 2 Girls artwork postcard- Nicholle Kobi 

More art!! I now can’t wait to move in my own house where I can really display all the beautiful melanin filled art that I have been receiving. I really wish I knew how to draw sometimes…

Also, I just checked her website and Nicholle is French so it’s like automatic love lol

The box’s content amounts to £49 that is almost the price I pay for THREE boxes. A big win if you ever ask me!! This is very profitable so if you are looking for a subscription box, I would definitely recommend this one.

I have some exciting news to share with you guys. I shall do it this week. If you follow me on snapchat (@mlle_mara) or instagram (@highnessempowershighness), you are aware of it all.

So follow me there not to miss out!!

Support and empower for Highness surely Empowers Highness.

There is greatness in you, Highness👸🏾👑✊🏿

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Celebrating My Beauty|| Melariche skincare haul En/Fr

Celebrating My Beauty|| Melariche skincare haul En/Fr

Well hello there!

I love me a good shopping spree. My bank account doesn’t but who asked for its opinion? Not me!!

Melariche was having sales on their website and I needed some black soap: tell me this is not the universe putting 2 and 2 together? hm?! I’ll wait!!

This is the second time I am ordering from their retail website that you can check here. I did not go for any makeup. I am trying a bit harder this year to take care of my skin so I can reduce my use of makeup. This is the reason I took the following products:

FR|| Ô comme j’adore ça une bonne session de shopping. Ce n’est pas la cas de mon compte bancaire, mais qui lui a demandé son avis? Pas moi!!

Melariche avait des réductions/ soldes sur leur site Web et j’avais besoin de savon noir: si ce n’est pas l’univers et l’harmonie qu’il offre, je ne sais pas ce que c’est! 

C’est la deuxième fois que je passe une commande sur leur site de vente au détail, que vous pouvez visiter ici. Je n’ai pas pris de maquillage. Cette année,  j’essaie vraiment de prendre soin de ma peau afin pouvoir réduire mon utilisation de maquillage. C’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai pris les produits suivants:




I have three products from the brand AKOMA and one from Biolissime.

FR|| J’ai pris 3 produits de chez AKOMA et un de chez Biolissime.

AKOMA Black soap Tea Tree £1.90*- find here

Savon noir à l’arbre de thé de chez AKOMA- 1,90£

AKOMA Unscented Black Soap £1.90*- find here

Savon noir sans parfum de chez AKOMA- 1,90£

Biolissime Anti-blemish serum £25.19*- find here

Sérum action anti-tâches de chez Biolissime à 25,19£

AKOMA Cleansing face mask £3.51*- find here

Masque en poudre nettoyante de chez AKOMA à 3,51£


I ordered on the 4th at 10pm. My box was home by the 9th and boy was I excited! I will definitely review them in here so look at for that!

FR|| J’ai commandé les produits le 4 à 22h. Ma boîte m’attendait à la maison le 9 et punaise j’était contente! C’est sûr que je vais faire une revue des produits sur le blog donc faites attention!

Ever used black soap before? You should definitely try it. Until next time, remember to celebrate someone and empower them. ✊🏿👑

*Please keep in mind that the products were on sale when I bought them. This explains the difference in prices.