Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #7 || August Edition

Hello there!

​August is almost over so you KNOW that my box is here and has been here but… I was not. I travelled so I was not home when it arrived.

I’m sure you’ve seen the content on instagram or twitter but here is my unboxing post and my first impression

1- Queen Mason Jar- My Ebony Box

RRP: £10

If I tell you I’m a big fan of Mason jars, you may nor believe me so see for yourself below!

Yes I own … already BUT this one pretty much has my name on it!! Like come on! How cool will I look having a smoothie or a juice in this jar? huh?

I’m waiting!


2- Queening notebook and pencil- My Ebony Box

RRP: £6

I’m a stationery lover and buy loads of notebooks that I don’t use… I’m working on it. Please don’t judge me.

I had heart eyes when I saw these two and you can’t tell me NO-THING! Look how cute they are!!!! LOOK!


3- Pink travel/ shopping bag- My Ebony Box

RRP: £8

I’m not sure as to how much I actually like pink BUT this makes a good back to school/ work item for me because I carry a lot of stuff from school to home and back.

I think I will leave this in my car just in case I need it. #Adulting

4- Soap Trio- NaturalSoapByDesign

RRP: £2

These three made the box smell almost like Lush…. in a good way.

I have been sniffing them trying to work out which is which but no success. Sorry guys.

Just know that they actually smell nice. Really.


I’m going to check their website to find out because I won’t use them until I do.


5- Coconut Oil – Vita Coco

RRP £2.99

Having coconut on the go because how else can you show you’re an adult, right? I have done it before but this pot is slightly bigger that the one I used to have.

Whatever we say, coconut oil is a very good one that you can always use.



6- Lemon ChinChin- Real African Food

RRP: £1

Alright! Here is the food y’all!! It’s funny because I have a love/ hate relationship with chinchin.

I which I had the vanilla one instead of lemon but it’s the small pack of 70g so it will be finished in no time.


7- Sleek foundation kit palette_ Test your shade- Sleek 

RRP: £4.99

I’ve been eyeing Sleek’ Crème to powder foundations for the longest but never made up my mind. This is a tester palette with 5 different shades! I will have a play with these and see if it would work for me.

I will use the lightest ones to conceal and the darkest to contour I guess… We will see!






8- Digital art of MEB’s founder (Jenaitre)-

Queen and Boss Lady 👑👸🏾

And this my dear was the full content of my box for this month! July’s review is coming before the month actually ends! Stay tuned!

Funnily enough, the leaflet mentioned carnival but I don’t really do carnival but this box felt more like a back to school to me. I have one last week before school starts that’s probably why I have this feeling.

Be empowered 👑👸🏾




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@MyEbonybox review || June’s Edition

Good morning, afternoon or evening all!!

How is the summer treating you? Are you working? Doing work experience? On holiday? Or simply at home? Let me know what you are up to in the comment section below.


We are well into August and I should have done my review and be opening August’s box by now but I am not home at the moment so I can only do the LATE review for now. Let’s see what I have used in June’s box so far!!


Okay, so I know that this is not a piece of art but I thought it was cool so I framed it and it is now standing on my desk.



1- Burts Levi Roots Reggae Reggae crisps by Burts crisps- RRP £1 ||http://www.burtschips.com

DEVOURED IT! Without surprise I loved it. I don’t eat a lot of crisps anymore but would definitely recommend these because of the little spice it has in it! DELICIOUS they were!

2- Women’s Energy tea by Yogi Tea || http://www.yogiproducts.com

NOT USED YET- here is the reason: I had misplaced it because of the big move I was having in my room after opening the box *sigh*

3- Caribbean Coconut Whipped shea butter by AfroDeity || http://www.afrodeity.co.uk

TO USE this week- I have brought it with me on holiday to use and review. See the size, it will be 2 to 3 servings I think. Check my instagram for review (@highnessempowershighness)

4- She who believed- silver bracelet by MEB RRP £10 || http://www.myebonybox.com

WORE IT- I think this bracelet is actually so cute. I used to have a bracelet with the same message but I can’t seem to find it. Therefore, this one came as a good replacement. It’s a great reminder and way to empower myself.

5- Multi-use scarf/ headwrap/ sarong by MEB RRP£6

USED- as a headwrap only for now bur for different occasion. I love my hair. God knows I do. But, my, my, how I lurrrrv a nice headwrap for real!!

6- Moisture Silk shampoo and avocado smoothie conditioner travel set by Bourne Beautiful Naturals RRP £15 || http://www.bournebeautifulnaturals.co.uk

NOT USED YET- I was finishing my Shea moisture shampoo and conditioner set. Now that it is all finished, I will start using this once I have taking my protective style down. Will let you know then.

All items, bar the 2 samples, add up to £32… still more than what I pay for so still a big win for me. Don’t wait and get your own box from the shop HERE.

Support and empower for Highness surely Empowers Highness.

There is greatness in you, Highness👸🏾👑✊🏿

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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #6 || July’s Edition

Hello beautiful and handsome ones! How are you feeling today?

We’re more than half way through July so you KNOW that my box has arrived. It has been here for just over a week even! I did an unboxing on my Instagram (@highnessempowershighness) and that made me well lazy to do a proper post here.

But here I am with it. Have a look! My babe at MEB is helping me to get ready for my holidaaaaaayyyyys!!

1- Phrooti’s Fruit infused water- RRP £1.95

I’m surprised this is not opened yet! I normally enjoyed flavoured water so I hope I like this one. The main difference is that this not simply flavoured. It is infused with real berries. Plus, it is made in England. Check them out here.

2- The Soap Connoisseur’s Blossoming Blueberry Whipped scrub- RRP £15

A new scrub! Glory!! The one I had done myself just finish. Talk about amazing timing!! Have you seen the price!! I hope it works nicely on my skin. Also, did I say it smells divine?! Their website is right here.

3-MEB’s Woke sleep mask- RRP £7

An item from their own brand. I’m gonna end up with everything they sell if I’m not careful you know.

Anyway, I am travelling in the next few weeks. Quite a long flight to be honest so I hame going to flaunt it and be ready to discuss with my neighbours about being woke!!

Auntie, queen, babe’s website ->> here.

4- Jim and Henry’s leave-in conditioner- eight- RRP £18.50

When I unboxed it on my Insta story, I tagged the brand and they told me it is called eight because it only has 8 ingredients. Such a nice size for travels so I’m excited about that!!

5- Purell’s sanitizing wipe- sample

Keep it clean, even on holiday! I have not used had gel as much as I used to in ages. I simply wash my hands because it feels much cleaner. However, this is great in case of emergency!! yeah!

6- MEB’s Goddess necklace- RRP £10

Another one from MEB! Can’t wait to be rocking this precious little necklace. I love what it stands for.

7- Feed My Creative’s luggage tag- RRP £3.50

Ayeeeeeee!! Limited edition luggage tag!! I have spoken to the owner on instagram and she’s such a  darling. Well pleased with the product. Another thing I will be using this August!!

8- MEB Glorious fist badge 

Growing my collection ayeeeeee!! I am so proud of my badges. I’ll keep on saying it: they are amazing convo starter!!

Bits and bobs:

The content of the box is worth £57 which is the price I pay for 3 boxes 💁🏾💁🏾

Go ahead and empower someone today 👑✊🏿
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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #5||June’s Edition

June’s box has been here for more than a week now…. I’m terrible!!

For my defence, I posted the pictures on my Instagram page and before that, on my InstaStory. Therefore, if you follow me there, you already saw it all. Anyway…  How are you Highness?

What’s in the box?

Okay, so I know that this is not a piece of art but I thought it was cool so I framed it and it is now standing on my desk.


One thing I liked straightaway and for no particular reason was the yellow and orange combo. It looks B-O-M-B! Maybe it’s just me….


1- Burts Levi Roots Reggae Reggae crisps by Burts crisps- RRP £1 ||http://www.burtschips.com

Food is bae- Crisps is food therefore crisps is bae, right? I have definitely tasted something from this brand. I’m surprised I have not eaten it all by now… see maturity!! (lol)


2- Women’s Energy tea by Yogi Tea || http://www.yogiproducts.com

If you’re a tea drinker put your hands up 🙋🏾🙋🏾 I know I am. Even if it’s really hot, I don’t mind having a cup of tea.


3- Caribbean Coconut Whipped shea butter by AfroDeity || http://www.afrodeity.co.uk

I have a feeling I’m gonna like this and annoyed that it is just a sample. I loved last month’s whipped Shea butter (wait for the review)


4- She who believed- silver bracelet by MEB RRP £10 || http://www.myebonybox.com


How cute is this?! I like the message! I have a bracelet with my name on it that I have been wearing for the past 2 years (or almost 2 years). I rarely take it off of my left wrist.

I normally get annoyed with bracelet on my right wrist because as a teacher I write quite a lot and it is a bit disturbing. All that to say that summer is the bracelets season for me- right on time!


5- Multi-use scarf/ headwrap/ sarong by MEB RRP£6

I have already made up my mind to use it as a headscarf so… that’s that. I will post a picture on Instagram whenever I style it, so connect with me on this platform 🙂


6- Moisture Silk shampoo and avocado smoothie conditioner travel set by Bourne Beautiful Naturals RRP £15 || http://www.bournebeautifulnaturals.co.uk


Somebody tell me they don’t look really cute!! They really are trying to get me summer ready (as they said in the leaflet).


Here is everything:



All items, bar the 2 samples, add up to £32… still more than what I pay for so still a big win for me. Don’t wait and get your own box from the shop HERE.

How are YOU preparing for summer?

Support and empower for Highness surely Empowers Highness.

There is greatness in you, Highness👸🏾👑✊🏿

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#StudyingSociety: “Would you date a woman with an Afro? “

#StudyingSociety: “Would you date a woman with an Afro? “

Seriously, social media is full of people asking stupid questions!! It makes me sad…

The other day, as I was scrolling through my Instagram’s explorer page and I saw this picture with 3 photos of the (same) (gorgeous) woman with her hair in a MASSIVE Afro. It came with the question: “would you date a woman with an Afro?”… yeah, SAME!
I want to rephrase the question for them: would you date a woman with her 4c hair in its natural state?

Because really that’s the question they asked. I think they didn’t realise that a black woman with an Afro is like a Caucasian woman with her hair brushed down. It is nothing else but a NATURAL hairstyle.

My Afro is what my hair looks like when I comb it out. The same way, I could easily have braids, cornrows, bantu knots, twists and all this kind of jazzy hairstyles.

Cut us some slacks. You are not dating a woman for her hairstyle. If it is the case, well… let me tell you about that deception that is coming your way very fast. The afro can and will most likely change.
Now, it could well be that they were talking about natural hair in general. Maybe they amalgamated the two terms “Afro” and “natural hair”. In this case, it would be a whole other discussion for another day. Again, I could rephrase it in many ways to show the person how thick they sound.


Excuse me but I get really sensitive when it comes to black women with 4c hair… especially the bashing of it.


So please, I’m begging you, wear your hair with all the pride in the world. This hair came out of your scalp- own the life out of it! Please!


I could go on and on on this topic but that’s not what we are trying to do!

Thank you for reading and until next time, be empowered, always queen with the big crown…. I see you babe!


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@MyEbonyBox review || April’s Edition

@MyEbonyBox review || April’s Edition

Bonjour à tous! How you doing? I’m back with the review of April’s box from MEB.

The original post should show up at the very bottom of the page. If it is not the case, here is the link.

And now, leggo!

1- Choc Plus – Hot chocolate marshmallow and chocolate. RRP is said to be £2.

Now, the thing is I don’t drink nor eat chocolate as much as I used to but this is nice to try. I will probably be sharing with friends.

TRIED IT- I used it with hot milk and the hotter the quicker it melts. It is actually a very nice hot chocolate prep. I don’t actually like marshmallow but it would have been much better with more of it. Finally, I could bet money of the fact that I saw my local Aldi selling it! Check your own if you are interested in trying it

2- Cream of nature– Açai berry and keratin strengthening hair masque- RRP £1

I normally like the products from CON. This is a new fragrance. I will only be able to use it when I remove my braids. I will keep you posted in my review of this box, next month.

+ 2 samples (shampoo and conditioner). I don’t have a whole lot of hair but I already have a feeling that will not be enough- especially the conditioner.

NOT USED YET– they are in my massive hair sample pile that like to shop now and again. I will be giving it a go this weekend, when it is washday for me. I have used CON’s products before and I have been happy with them so there should be no reason for me not to like these ones.

3- Choctone postcard by Ramses Schweizer- RRP £1.50

Indeed, “my chocolate comes in all shades”. Love the message behind it! If you are familiar with the Pantone concept, you should understand this easily. Another piece to frame!!

NOT FRAMED YET but this is simply because I need to get some smaller frames from poundland. At the moment, it is in my bedside table. Still loving it though

4- EWA Nutrilicious face mask RRP £1 on the leaflet but £1.50 on the insta page. 

It’s a mix of clay , coconut powder and some other powder. It is to be mixed with water of milk. I will try both ways and review it.

NOT USED YET– but I will probably have by the time you read this post. Check my instagram to see what I say about it (@highnessempowershighness)

5- MEB– Handmade African bangle RRP £5

It’s MEB’s own brand. I love Ankara everything.I am VERY into that because they tend to be really unique.

WORE IT ROCKED IT! I had on a white shirt or it really stood out. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to find a way to stop it from fraying!

6- MEB- Ebony noir candle. RRP £4

I’m not trying to be funny but this one of the nicest smells ever.  Spicy, woody and floral is EXACTLY what it smells like. I didn’t think I would like it but my mistake!! I had stopped burning candles a few months ago but I’m gonna get back to it because it is always nice.

USING IT– burning it as I am typing this post and you NEED to get one and try it. Personally I love it!!

7- Bea skincare– vitamin infused Konjac sponge set £RRP £22

According to the leaflet in the box, it’s the part 1 of it. Next month, we should receive prat 2. I want to believe it is the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser from the same brand but I could be wrong.

I’ve had Konjac sponges before and usually enjoyed using them. We shall see if it makes any difference that it is vitamin infused!

NOT USED YET– I was waiting for the part 2- which arrived with this mont’s box and it is a cleanser. Hopefully I will be able to talk about it in the next review.


I can’t wait to get June’s box and also review May’s. I really am enjoying the boxes and products. I love to know that the products and companies are for strong and empowering black women – most if not all.

Support and empower for Highness surely Empowers Highness.

There is greatness in you, Highness.👸🏾👑✊🏿

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Unboxing @myEbonyBox #2- March’s Edition

My second box from MyEbonyBox came through today and it is such a great pick me up… I’m coming up with a cold and very annoying headache. Last month was about love. In March, we are celebrating Black Girl Magic.

FYI #BGM is an everyday thing but MEB is having a real focus on it this month as it is also Women’s History month. Without further ado, let’s see what we got in here!

* I will link all website and e-shops whenever possible.

1- Afrocenchix || Soothe – Natural scalp oil RRP £3.99

I have been meaning to get some of Afrocenchix’s products for the longest just because one of the owners in my friend’s cousin! I’m glad I get to try on of them through MEB!


2- Brown coconut oil || Lip balm RRP £1.00

You can never have enough lip balm, can you?  This one smell sooooooo sweet! And of course, coconut oil is the oil of life! 

3- My Ebony Box || “Black Girl Magic” earrings RRP £8.00

I am one of the biggest wooden earring fans of the world!! I truly love them. (I’ll show my collection sometimes). I almost always tell myself that I will paint them… this is to yet to happen! I am ready to serve some more Black Girl Magic.

4- Dorcascreates || “To An Amazing Super Woman!” card RRP £2.75

This card is so beautiful! The drawing and the writing which says “Provider, Healer, Teacher” are pretty much amazing in my opinion. I could send these to so many women that I know.

5- Dorcascreates || art coaster- Black hair magic v3 RRP £6.00

What a cool piece for a tea lover like me! I will be using it with the cup I got in my box last month aaaaye!! Look at the drawings!! I mean looooooooook at them!

6- Magic collection || satin sleep cap  RRP £3.99

Some care for my natural hair. I already have a satin cap that I keep misplacing or I use my satin head scarf. Since you can’t have too many of those anyways!

7- Chika’s || chickpea crisps RRP £1.79

As I am typing this post, I have eaten at least half of this bag and you should know that I have enjoyed it so far! You know when you’re eating something and it just feels healthy? Well, that’s my exact feeling eating these!

8- Dorcascreates || postcard art print RRP £1.00

This is a postcard that I plan to frame! I ain’t no artist but I know nice things/ art when I see it.

Various || leaflet 

Some discount codes and other leaflets that a tell me more about the brands represented. Yay for discount code!!

Expect a review of the first box within the next few days!

March’s box is full of pieces that will make you feel good/better and empowered. It is also an amazing way to discover black, female artists, creatives and other business owners.

See a Queen, Salute a Queen!

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