#NewIn: all that hair care haul (ORS, The Body Shop, Shea Moisture and all that jazz)

Glorious morning all!

I pray this post finds you well. Okay, now tell me… am I the only one that goes to tkMaxx with no particular thing in mind and ends up with a whole bunch of stuff and wondering how I had lived without them all this time?

No? Just me? Okay… (all of y’all are liars if you said no idc idc!!)

It’s definitely is the case for me. More often than not, I would walk into tkmaxx looking for absolutely NOTHING and leave with a bag of essentials.. Please DO NOT ask. Continue reading “#NewIn: all that hair care haul (ORS, The Body Shop, Shea Moisture and all that jazz)”


@MyEbonyBox review- 3-in-1

Hello there!

How are you doing? How was your day? Your week? How is work? Or school? Or uni? I have been doing a lot of work on myself recently and oh boy have I been slacking with my reviews. Sorry about that.

It’s started to feel like my blog was all about My Ebony Box and nothing else. I’m trying to re-think things through and see what has been going well and what I can do to improve it all.

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My skin went through hell and is now back… finally

Hello everyone!

Help me say “Praise the Lord!” for I’ve got a testimony today!

My skin went through hell and is now back! Thank God!!

Now listen: I really can’t tell when it all started but I know when I started to take notice and focus on it I wanted to cry. My skin got real nasty… real quick … for what seemed like forever. I can’t remember having bad acne before that bar some pimples when I have my periods or when they are coming.


Top — left: April 2016 and right: June 2016
Bottom  — left: Aug 2016 and right Jan 2017

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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #7 || August Edition

Hello there!

​August is almost over so you KNOW that my box is here and has been here but… I was not. I travelled so I was not home when it arrived.


I’m sure you’ve seen the content on instagram or twitter but here is my unboxing post and my first impression.

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