noun prog·ress: gradual betterment (from Merriam Webster online)

Answer this question: can you name at least 5 things you did not know how to do a year ago but do know how to today? What about 6 months ago? What about 2 weeks ago?!

Do you feel like you are making progress in life? In any area whatsoever?

If you cannot think of anything, why is that? Are you happy with this or you’re now considering new ways to improve and better yourself?

I like to think about my life journey as a stream water. I feel and know that the day I stop “moving” and become stagnant, I will start stinking.

It’s so important for me to keep progressing, developing myself and learning. Not only it keeps me going but I also know I am adding value to myself as a person. I could go on for hours into why I monitor my progress whenever or wherever possible. And I’m on it!!!

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“ For no word from God will ever fail.”- Luke 1:37


New Lip combo from #Nyx

Good evening! Hello!

I love it when I find a new makeup combo that is simple and still looks good. Most of the time, it’s lip makeup and as I was typing, I also realised that most of the time, it’s with NYX products… talmbout love.

Anyways, I went out last Friday- last minute decision and did a last minute VERY simple makeup (you will see in a sec). Because I was not wearing eyeshadow, eyeliner or falsies I thought I would go fo some lipstick. I wasn’t feeling red that night so I picked up one of the first lip liners I could get hold of and lined my lips as you would.

Then, I started to think “what’s next?”. The colour looked really nice on it’s own but looking at it,I thought I should ombré it. I TRIED but I ended up having it on my whole lips. And here is the result… Continue reading “New Lip combo from #Nyx”

Skincare| Superdrug bargains #NewIn

Hello hello! Guess what y’all!! I have 2 weeks to go before the summer holidays aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I can’t contain myself!

Earlier last week, when I walked into Superdrug I didn’t expect to fall on a bargain section. Yes ma’am! Yes sir! An actual section for skincare bargains. What does that mean? Well, it means that I just bought things I had not planned to… I’m sad!

Anyways, I came, I saw, I bought. (#StoryOfMyLife). For a grand total of £2.95, I picked up the following products to test ASAP

Palmer’s Night cream- £0.80

I don’t think I have ever used a night cream before… unfortunately, my life is not that organised. I already feel like a proper adult knowing that I have a night cream. Let’s see if I actually get to use it.

Neutrogena HydroBoost cleanser -£0.80

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It’s a journey…

I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m sure making my way there.

It might be taking longer than I wanted but I’m still moving forward.

It’s okay… it’s a journey.

I now want to better my diet and cut down on refined sugar. This will be a whole new challenge for me who LOVES sweets and all things sweet. I know better therefore I must do better!

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Until next time, be blessed and remain empowered, always👸🏾👑.

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“ Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”- Proverbs 15:22

My abs challenge was a fail.

not a fail fail but…

First of all, hello! How y’all doin’? I hope all is well with y’all.

Back to my “fail” which is not really a fail but still. So if y’all remember, last month I did the 100 squats a day challenge for 30 days and I kept to it. I was really proud of myself because I genuinely could see results.

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#NewIn| Quick haul- New Look and Primark

#NewIn| Quick haul- New Look and Primark

Good morning!

I love me  a haul you know. I’m a bit of a hoarder who likes new things.

I don’t really do haul posts because I don’t always buy loads at once. So by the time I have accumulated enough I have already started using some of them. This time around, I tried to wait a bit before using them. So let’s do this!

Bonjour bonjour!
J’adore les hauls (en article de blog ou en vidéo). La vérité c’est que j’aime accumuler et entasser des trucs. Je suis une collectionneuse qui aime de nouvelles choses. J’écris rarement des posts de haul parce j’achète rarement un tas de trucs d’un seul coup. Avant d’avoir accumulé une bonne quantité d’articles, j’aurais deja commencé à en utiliser certains. Cette fois-ci, j’ai vraiment essayé d’attendre avant de les utiliser. Voyons voir ce qu’on a: 

One thing Two things I got were the Primark Chocolate lip kits – as you may know, they are the dupes for the Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks but these are lipglosses with the matching lip liner. They went from £3 to £1 each. A BARGAIN!

I picked up one in Mocha and one in Crème Caramel and they both smell amazing!

A Primark, j’ai pris 2 de leurs Chocolate Lip kits. Cette collection était leur imitation des RAL liquides Melted de chez Too Faced. Its étaient réduits de 3 à 1 livre (ils font place à leur collection Nude qui est l’imitation du maquillage de Kim Kardashian West. Ceux que j’ai pris sont: Mocha et Crème Caramel. Ils sentent trop bon le chocolat.

3 sets of false nails for £3. I went for the pointed matte because they are a natural length for me (my nails don’t grow very long- at least they don’t stay long long enough)

I got some nice and almost neutral colours (Nude, Bubblegum kisses and Crushed silk)

Des faux ongles en veux-tu, en voilà!J’ai acheté 3 sets de leur faux ongles style pointu et matte parce que je pense la longueur a l’air naturel sur moi. Je les ai pris dans des tons relativement neutres (Nude, Bubblegum kisses and Crushed silk). 3 livres pour les 3 sets, c’est cadeau.

False eyelashes- I had bought these before and waited aaaaaaaaaages (the beginning of this month) to even try them. I tried the sultry ones first. I took them off with the idea to try them again but I don’t know how I managed that, I lost one!!!

I plan to review them so I NEEDED to get them back to re-try them. Each pair was a quid.

Restons dans les “faux” avec… des faux cils! Ce n’est pas la première fois que j’achète ces faux cils parce que je voulais apprendre à en mettre. J’ai “créé un look” avec les Sultry et les Full Look. Je ne sais même pas comment j’ai fait ça mais jai réussi à perdre un des Sultry quand je les ai enlevé. Etant donné que je veux écrire une revue sur ces faux cils, j’ai dû en racheter d’autres. Voilà voilà. Chaque pair m’a coûté une livre.

Something I did not know existed but that I needed. I recently had to wash clean brushes… that I had not used because of dust. I was really annoyed.  So when  found theses brush covers, I was hyped! There are 20 of them- different sizes that open on both ends.

Je ne savais pas que ce truc existait mais je sais que j’en avais besoin dans ma vie. Récemment, j’ai dû relaver certains de mes pinceaux à cause de la poussière! Ca m’avait vraiment embêté. Donc, quand j’ai vu ces protections pour pinceau je ne savais pas où me mettre.  Il y a différentes tailles et s’ouvrent aux deux extrémités et 20 au total.

I love buttoned up shirts. I find them quite easy to style with skinny jeans or leggings. I like them quite long and loose/ roomy. This one is white with alternate wide and thin grey stripes. It went down to £3

J’adooooooore les chemises. Je les trouve assez faciles à habiller avec un jean skinny ou un legging. Je les aime bien longues et amples. Celle-ci est blanche avec des rayures grises larges et fines alternées. Je l’ai eu à 3 livres au lieu de de 7.

Another top from Primark: this nice blouse- a stripy one again… I feel like I don’t have enough or any nice tops to go out.

J’ai pris un autre haut… toujours à rayures. Plus j’y pense, plus j’ai l’impression de ne pas posséder de hauts pour sortir. J’ai une collection de crop top mais c’est pas tous le jours que je peux porter ça. Moitié prix pour ce haut (5 livres).

Cheap earrings because why not?!

50 pence pour 6 paires de boucles d’oreilles… je n’ai rien d’autre à ajouter!!

My New Look trip was because I had to wait to go to church and I was in town. Also I was on my periods… what do you mean that’s not a valid excuse?

Quand j’ai du temps à tuer, surtout quand je suis en ville, ben je vais faire du shopping. En tout cas, c’est pour ça que je m’étais rendue à New Look. En plus de ça, j’avais mes règles! Une excuse plus que valable selon moi!

Anyway, I had not been to NL in what feels like forever which is SO wrong of me. I went and saw these babes that I kinda had to have. I didn’t use to be a tassel girl but I think it’s because, the trend was for bags and clothes and sandals but now hassle earrings? I’m here fo that!

Bref, ça faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas été là-bas et ça c’est pas vraiment moi. Regardez ce que j’ai trouvé: 2 jolies paires de boucles d’oreilles (style “gland”- je ne savais pas que c’était comme ca qu’on disait tassel en français). Le style gland n’était pas mon truc quand ca venait de sortir il y a quelques années de cela mais cette fois, c’est grave mon truc!

I also got me this statement necklace with… tassels! You guessed right! £6 for all that.

J’ai également pris ce collier… avec des glands aussi! Woop won! Un total de 6 livres.

#IssaBodysuit. Bodysuits are like the best things…. until you need to go to the toilet. But apart from that, they make the best tucked in tops as they never come out of your trousers or skirt.

Les bodysuits sont WOW…. jusqu’à ce que t’aies besoin d’aller aux toilettes. Mais a part ce, ils sont super car ils restent insérés dans ton pantalon ou ta jupe. Ils ne bronchent pas! Mais alors PAS DU TOUT!

I saw these gym shorts went from £8.99 to £3 and I knew I had to get a pair. The funny thing is I don’t think I have ever been to the gym with shorts that go above my knees. Can you tell I’m really starting to feel more and more confident?

Ces shorts de gym sont passes de 8,99 livres a 3 livres donc je savais que je DEVAIS les acheter. Je n’ai pas vraiment l’habitude de porter des shorts à la gym. En tout cas, rien au dessus du genou. Ça se voit que j’ai de plus en plus confiance en moi?

915 Generation… that’s right my next item is from the children section of NL. Ain’t no shame in my game! You guys should know by now. I got these high rise jeans for £8 (from £22.99!) in age 13. The hips fit really nicely although the waistline is a bit too big (just a little bit- I think I’m going to take it in because I really like the rest of it). The ankles are frayed and the perfect length.

Generation 915. Si tu connais NL, tu sais que c’est la section des enfants. Même pas honte d’abord! 8 livres pour ces skinny jeans taille haute. Les hanches sont superbes mais je dois ajouter quelques points de couture à la taille. Le bas du pantalon est effiloché mais la longueur est parfaite!

Last item is from tkMaxx- namely, my favourite shop- and it’s a (bath) brush with silk bristle. I originally got it to try dry brushing. We will soon see if it’s any good!

Voici le dernier article de ce haul: une brosse de bain aux poils en soies naturelles de chez tkMaxx. J’en voulais une pour essayer le brossage à sec. On verra ce que ça donne.

As I was finishing this post, I realised that I had picked another thing from tkMaxx but I had forgotten: it was a microfibre dust and polish mitt. I got it for my car Ahava. It gets dusty so quickly!!! That is the real end!

Alors que je terminais ce post, je me suis rendue compte que j’avais pris autre chose chez tkMaxx mais j’avais oublié: un gant en microfibre pour polir et dépoussiérer. Je l’ai pris pour ma voiture, Ahava. Elle prend la poussière TELLEMENT vite!!! FIN!

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Until next time, be blessed and remain empowered, always👸🏾👑.

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I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father, who has given them to me, is greater than all; no one can snatch them out of my Father’s hand. I and the Father are one.”- John 10:28-30 

Blueberry sorbet- NIP + FAB lipstick

Blueberry sorbet- NIP + FAB lipstick

Good morning all ☀️ !

How are you feeling today?! How is your day going so far? Wassup ?!

And I’m back with a makeup post today. I was not going anywhere in particular when I decided to apply the makeup but I wanted to try a lil something something. Anyways, here it is:

Bien le bonjour! Comment allez-vous aujourd’hui?
Je suis de retour avec un article maquillage. Je n’avais pas de destination ni de raison valable de me maquiller mais je voulais essayer un petit truc. Donc, voici voilà:

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