I am a pageant princess 👸🏾 

Good morning  everyone!!

How are you?! How have you been keeping?! Seriously it has been ages. Or so it feels. I have not checked but it feels like a couple of months without a post or interacting with anyone here.

I have been absent here but doing the most on Instagram (@highnessempowershigness).
Back to the topic of the post: me, a pageant princess 👸🏾 !

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Pretty in powder pink.

Well, hello there!

I had not actually planned on going out this past Saturday, but I felt like getting dressed and putting makeup on. So I did. Here are some of the pictures that my almost personal photographer took for me (her insta)



Baby got back! Not really but since you could see my back, I thought it would be a good line…. sorry!



When I realised I had dried concealer on the back of my hand.


Me too, I can look for things that are not lost. See for yourself!



Bodysuit and (overworn and over washed) skinny jeans: H&M

Shoes: New Look

Clutch bag: Camaieu

Patra vibes because I know I am the queen of the pack.

And I’m out! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have an amazing day. Stay empowered, highness.

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Mustard and gold details || #WhatIWoreToChurch

Back with an outfit post! I hope you are well and are having a good evening!


Have you noticed the pattern that is coming up… the Sunday outfit posts?

I hope I can sustain it and stay consistent with it. And, without further ado let’s get into it!


A couple of weeks ago, I posted an outfit with another white shirt from Zara. Well, I bought this one at the same time. It was also on sale for a tenner.

You can NEVER have enough white shirts! Trust me.



I will talk about that in another post, but I am convinced that I have been glowing lately. My skin is just popping and stuff- lol!

I have a feeling that the white shirt helps matters too.


Choker: Primark

Earrings- creoles: Primark? I can’t remember. I have had them for aegis!




I don’t normally go to church with trousers but since last night i had made up my mind to tie my hair with this specific wrapper. After a mental check- whilst in bed- I realised that theses trousers would match and make the whole outfit pop… boy was i right!!


I tied my hair simply because I am already tired of my protective style. I want to take my twists down and deep wash my hair.

Baby got back… or nah! Free flowing: that’s what I felt like today.

Mustard skinny jeans: Primark- from 3/4 years ago!

Behold a creased shirt- one of my pet peeves 😒😞

Believe me or not, I ironed that shirt before leaving the house but as soon as I sat in my car, I had lost the battle.



Selfie overload in my camera roll— here’s one!



Today the weather was alright. The sky was blue so I thought I would share it with y’all…. Enjoy!


How was your Sunday?

Be and remain empowered always 👑✊🏿👸🏾

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Back and Front and Black and White || #WhatIWoreToChurch

“I’ve been looking at your shirt and your front looks like your front but your back looks like your front too… what’s that about?”

Well…. that’s my shirt!


I am posing and directing the pictures at the same time…




Loading ⚫️⚫️⚫️

Zara did me well. I got this shirt for a tenner or just under. I was not 100% sure of it when I took it from the rail but I love me a white top so I told myself that I would try it home to see what it really looks like on.

To put it simply, I’m glad I took it in the end.

Usually, when I get clothes from Zara, I really feel like someone that has her life together.

Top: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: New Look

Although or because I wore all black and white, I decided to wear my colour on my face. Check the post on my makeup here 💜


And that is it for me for today. Hope you had an amazing start of the week. Much love and empowerment to you all💜👑✊🏿👸🏾


La Petite Robe Noire #ThrowbackOutfit

La Petite Robe Noire #ThrowbackOutfit


Not a Thursday three today but a goooooood throwback Thursday.


I think I bought this dress £20 MAXIMUM! I bought it at least 3 years ago, if not 4, so I cannot remember the exact price. It was from one of these random little shops.

When my thyroid was acting up, I was incapable of putting it on but now…. oh boy! I’ve been rocking my little black dress  (=ma petite robe noire) for a good 2 years now.

I own almost 10 little black dresses- for any and every occasions to be exact.



The pictures themselves were taken about a year age- making this post a REAL throwback one!



I got the shoes from TkMaxx. Who doesn’t like some fringed sandals? I know I do, so that’s that!!




I feel like you can never go wrong with a black dress. Is it just me?




And it is even better when you pair it with some red lips!



Just to put it out there, these shoes are not the most comfortable to dance salsas in…. I tried and I hated myself. Well…. kinda. Will still rock them anytime though.

How often do you see yourself reaching for an all black outfit when you are going out?

I don’t always do it but it is so easy to dress. Be empowered Kings and Queens 👑👸🏾✊🏿

Sunday wear- Colour blocking 🔶🔷

Hola chicos y chicas!

I didn’t know coral and blue would look that good together until I tried it on Sunday and loved it!

FR || Je ne savais pas que le corail et le bleu iraient si bien ensemble jusqu’à ce que j’ai osé les essayer ce dimanche et j’ai adoré ça!


I completely forgot to take pictures when I was outside so I had to take them indoors.

They turned out alright so I won’t complain.

FR || J’ai complètement oublié de prendre des photos quand j’étais à l’extérieur, donc j’ai dû les prendre à l’intérieur de la maison.

Elles ne sont pas trop mal donc et je ne vais pas m’en plaindre.


Top/ Haut: veryyyyy old one from New Look

High waisted jeggins/ jeggings taille haute: Primark

Shoes/ chaussures: New Look

I have a feeling that I bought this top on sales a mighty long time ago and only wore it a few times. I had considered giving it away or throwing it for the longest time but now, I have grown into it.

FR|| Je crois bien que j’ai acheté ce haut pendant les il y a bien longtemps et ne l’ai porté qu’un petit nombre de fois. Combien de fois j’avais bien voulu le donner ou le jeter , mais maintenant, je l’aime trop pour ça!

The headscarf is s piece of material from a set of clothes that I had for a wedding. I am glad it worked with the whole outfit.

FR|| Le foulard est un morceau qui restait d’un tissu d’un ensemble de vêtements que j’avais pour un mariage. Je suis bien contente que ça l’ai fait!  

Choker: DIY/ fait maison

I wish you an amazing and productive week. Be empowered and empower someone else! 👑✊🏿

Joyeux Noël ||#WhatIWoreTochurch on Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all of you that celebrate! Happy regular Sunday to the rest of y’all!

How was your day? Done anything today- interesting or not?

I thinkI’ve mentioned it before but I am about to post a bit more outfit and makeup posts up here. So y’all know what I do with all these products that I have been buying and reviewing.


FR || Joyeux Noël à tous ceux qui célèbrent cette fête! Bon dimanche au reste d’entre vous!

Comment était ta journée? Qu’as-tu fait aujourd’hui, intéressant ou non?

Je pense que je l’ai déjà mentionné avant, mais je veux et je vais publier un peu plus d’articles avec des tenues et de maquillage que je porte. Ainsi, vous saurez ce que je fais de tous les produits que j’achète et passe en revue.


Anyway, here is one my Christmas/ Sunday outfit:

Quoi qu’il en soit, voici une ma tenue de Noël / de ce dimanche:


I had this gown made for a wedding July 2015 so it is a perfect fit. However, it is not from a shop where you can go and get one.

FR || J’ai eu cette robe faite pour un mariage en juillet 2015 donc c’est du sur-mesure et me va comme un gant. Cependant, ce n’est pas d’un magasin, où vous pouvez aller et en obtenir une.


My silver and shiny peep toes shoes are from Dorothy perkins.I bought them about 2 years ago or so.

FR || Mes chaussures à talon, à bout ouvert argentées et brillantes viennent de chez Dorothy Perkins.J’ai ces chaussures depuis environ 2 ans.

My hair is overdue for a cut but I wore the top as a bantu knot out and little headband/ chain I was given for my birthday.

FR|| J’ai grand besoin d’aller chez le coiffeur!! J’ai porté le haut en bantu knot out avec un petit bandeau / chaîne, reçu en cadeau d’anniversaire. 

Finally, I went for a green and silver combo eyeshadow and red lips.

FR || Finalement, j’ai  essayé un combinaison un vert et argent pour mon ombre à paupières et des lèvres rouges.

After church, I had a massive lunch with my adoptive family/ friends. It was awesome. Of course I missed my family as I normally go back to France during this holiday season but not this year and I am coping very well with that. So yay!!

FR || Après l’église, j’ai eu un énorme déjeuner avec ma famille adoptive / mes amis. C’était génial. Bien sûr, ma famille m’a manqué, étant donné que normalement je rentre en France pendant cette saison des vacances, mais pas cette année et je me débrouille pas trop mal. Donc… yay!

2016 is rapidly getting to an end. Enjoy the last days and get ready for 2017!

2016 arrive rapidement à sa fin. Profitez des derniers jours et préparez-vous pour 2017!

Be empowered highness! ✊🏿✊🏿

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