@MyEbonyBox review || May’s Edition

Good morning! How are you doing? Happy new month!

Just wanted to say a warm welcome to the new followers/ subscribers and thank for the love and support to everyone (old and new)

And it is here! I let June finish without the review of May’s box… sorry! I can barely believe that we’ve gone through half of 2017… just like that! I will be doing a big reflection and review of my life goals and accomplishments of the past 6 months!


Anyway, let’s see what has been used in May’s box

1- Gold eyeliner – Rimmel London RRP £4


Used and really liked the colour to be honest! I’m still working on my eyeliner skills and when I perfect it I will show you a look with this liner.

In terms of pigmentation, it is okay but it collected the colour of my foundation on my eyelids as I dragged it across them so I had to keep on “cleaning” the nib.

2- Exfoliating cleanser– bea skin care RRP £29

Not used yet… and I have no real reason to it- if I’m keeping it 100% real with you all.

3- Shea and coconut oil- Gro healthy RRP £4.49

Using it- This thing smells so nice it’s not even funny! I have not used it enough to actually review it

4- QUEEN make up/ pencil bag– My Ebony Box RRP £6

Used it a couple of time but I have a few pencil case/ makeup bags to use. Plus I really don’t want to ruin it in my work bag. I’ll used it during summer.

5- Scotch bonnet sauce sample- Tropical Paradise Preserves RRP £2

Using it! I didn’t use the pizza (?) recipe that came with cause I’m lame but definitely enjoying it. That I know!

6- Creamy whipped shea butter with precious oils- Aiko Naturals RRP £3.99

Used it and finished it. Low-key sad. Whipped shea butter is bomb because you can use it from the top of your hear to the sole of your feet! I need to get some more soon because #SupportBoB yaknow!

7- 2 Girls artwork postcard- Nicholle Kobi 

My set of frames is coming so nicely! I got the from Poundland but they do the job so YAY!

That’s it my people!

A new month. 31 new days to shine, to be empowered and to empower 👑✊🏿

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Thursday Three… it’s all about that base, ’bout that base!

Good morning to you!

How is your day going? Earlier last week, I was thinking about how it has been a long time I’ve posted a Thursday Three so I’m here to rectify that. Here are three product I have been loving and enjoying for the past weeks:

1- Fit Me by Maybelline in shade 360 Cocoa

Now, I know I have been swearing by my L’Oréal True Match but this foundation right here is just WORKING for me lately! As you may know, I have oily skin and tend to turn into a disco ball by the end of the day more time than never… and a sista don’t like it!

I was not sure about the colours at first but close my eyes and went for this one anyways and it totally fits me! YAY!!

The difference with the True Match is that this one seems to be more matte and to stay more matte much longer.


2-HD Studio Photogenic concealer by NYX in the shade CW08 Nutmeg

This one will almost come as a contradiction to the previous item. I use this concealer to avoid using foundation… the very one that I said I love!

Here’s the thing, I have been working on my skin and skincare lately: I stopped eating chocolate and peanut butter the way I used to because they break my skin out which leaves my skin with VERY dark spots.

Tea tree oil, lemon oil, regular exfoliation and all this fun stuff have been my thing lately and the result is there. My skin IS getting clearer. Hence why I don’t use foundation as before. Yay for me!


3- Pro conceal HD corrector by L.A . Girl in GC990- orange

Talking about my very dark spots, here is the corrector to it!! It’s all about blending it in then conceal! When I apply myself, my skin comes out near spotless. I got this from lustre cosmetics some months back but I didn’t really know how to use it properly.

And that’s all for this TT! Hope you enjoyed it!

Be blessed and be empowered, always. 👑👸🏾


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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #4||May’s Edition

Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #4||May’s Edition

Hello there!

A new month, a new box! My box got here on Thursday with a new set of goodies.

Let us have a look at it all.

We still have the classy and classic black box.

1- Gold eyeliner – Rimmel London RRP £4

My kinda eyeliner to be honest. I used to love coloured eyeliners but for some reason we drifted apart. This right here is motivation. Watch out for the makeup look post…

I could not find it on Rimmel’s website but here is a link to it on amazon

2- Exfoliating cleanser– bea skin care RRP £29

This is the second part for the bea duo promised last month. i am now ready to use the konjac sponges. Also it is a full size product so yay!

3- Shea and coconut oil- Gro healthy RRP £4.49

I have grown fonder of this brand thanks to My Ebony Box, although buying any of their product is a hassle- especially for me living in Bournemouth *sigh*

Anyways, oil is alway needed for my natural hair. Since I am trying to grow it out, I’m going to work out on a good but simple regimen to see how much it helps.

4- QUEEN make up/ pencil bag– My Ebony Box RRP £6

😍😍👸🏾👑- That’s all I have to say!! #Highness

5- Scotch bonnet sauce sample- Tropical Paradise Preserves RRP £2

When I say this item, all I could think of was Beyoncé’s lyrics: “I’ve to hot sauce in my bag…”

Okay, I know she was not talking about literal hot sauce but in my case, it applies so we’re gonna roll with it :)-  Their FB page is here.  (That’s the first time I cannot eat the edible item whilst typing the unboxing post… sad)

6- Creamy whipped shea butter with precious oils- Aiko Naturals RRP £3.99

I used to do my own whipped shea butters so it is nice to go back to something that I know and that is practical and easy to use everyday.

7- 2 Girls artwork postcard- Nicholle Kobi 

More art!! I now can’t wait to move in my own house where I can really display all the beautiful melanin filled art that I have been receiving. I really wish I knew how to draw sometimes…

Also, I just checked her website and Nicholle is French so it’s like automatic love lol

The box’s content amounts to £49 that is almost the price I pay for THREE boxes. A big win if you ever ask me!! This is very profitable so if you are looking for a subscription box, I would definitely recommend this one.

I have some exciting news to share with you guys. I shall do it this week. If you follow me on snapchat (@mlle_mara) or instagram (@highnessempowershighness), you are aware of it all.

So follow me there not to miss out!!

Support and empower for Highness surely Empowers Highness.

There is greatness in you, Highness👸🏾👑✊🏿

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Back and Front and Black and White || #WhatIWoreToChurch

“I’ve been looking at your shirt and your front looks like your front but your back looks like your front too… what’s that about?”

Well…. that’s my shirt!


I am posing and directing the pictures at the same time…




Loading ⚫️⚫️⚫️

Zara did me well. I got this shirt for a tenner or just under. I was not 100% sure of it when I took it from the rail but I love me a white top so I told myself that I would try it home to see what it really looks like on.

To put it simply, I’m glad I took it in the end.

Usually, when I get clothes from Zara, I really feel like someone that has her life together.

Top: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: New Look

Although or because I wore all black and white, I decided to wear my colour on my face. Check the post on my makeup here 💜


And that is it for me for today. Hope you had an amazing start of the week. Much love and empowerment to you all💜👑✊🏿👸🏾


SundayFace: shades of purple 🔮💜

SundayFace: shades of purple 🔮💜

Happy Sunday all!

It is still Sunday at the time I am writing this. I hope you had a great day and that you rested if you were not working/ after church or work or whatever you do on Sundays.


Now, I don’t know if that’s a “don’t” but I sure did it! I went for 2 shades of purple today on my face. Purple and mauve to be exact. I was wearing black and white or I though “why not?!”


I always find it weird to take makeup pictures because I feel like the camera is SOOOOOO close to my face which feels quite weird.

Also, I feel like you can see everything that is wrong with my face- I am working ont hat one. I have changed a few things in my skincare routine (see my Menarche haul post) and I have some new products in my makeup collection that I use: my skin IS getting better by the day so YAY for that.


Mauve smokey attempt


Lips: NYX 


I used 2 NYX products for the lips. Around/ outside I have: liquid suede cream lipstick in the colour Amethyst (10) and, in the middle, I went for the soft matte lip cream in the colour London (04)


A better picture 🙂


Purple is commonly linked to royalty and nobility… what not to like I want to ask!


Have an amazing week ahead all. Be blessed and be empowered 👑💜✊🏿👸🏾

Celebrating My Beauty|| Melariche skincare haul En/Fr

Celebrating My Beauty|| Melariche skincare haul En/Fr

Well hello there!

I love me a good shopping spree. My bank account doesn’t but who asked for its opinion? Not me!!

Melariche was having sales on their website and I needed some black soap: tell me this is not the universe putting 2 and 2 together? hm?! I’ll wait!!

This is the second time I am ordering from their retail website that you can check here. I did not go for any makeup. I am trying a bit harder this year to take care of my skin so I can reduce my use of makeup. This is the reason I took the following products:

FR|| Ô comme j’adore ça une bonne session de shopping. Ce n’est pas la cas de mon compte bancaire, mais qui lui a demandé son avis? Pas moi!!

Melariche avait des réductions/ soldes sur leur site Web et j’avais besoin de savon noir: si ce n’est pas l’univers et l’harmonie qu’il offre, je ne sais pas ce que c’est! 

C’est la deuxième fois que je passe une commande sur leur site de vente au détail, que vous pouvez visiter ici. Je n’ai pas pris de maquillage. Cette année,  j’essaie vraiment de prendre soin de ma peau afin pouvoir réduire mon utilisation de maquillage. C’est la raison pour laquelle j’ai pris les produits suivants:




I have three products from the brand AKOMA and one from Biolissime.

FR|| J’ai pris 3 produits de chez AKOMA et un de chez Biolissime.

AKOMA Black soap Tea Tree £1.90*- find here

Savon noir à l’arbre de thé de chez AKOMA- 1,90£

AKOMA Unscented Black Soap £1.90*- find here

Savon noir sans parfum de chez AKOMA- 1,90£

Biolissime Anti-blemish serum £25.19*- find here

Sérum action anti-tâches de chez Biolissime à 25,19£

AKOMA Cleansing face mask £3.51*- find here

Masque en poudre nettoyante de chez AKOMA à 3,51£


I ordered on the 4th at 10pm. My box was home by the 9th and boy was I excited! I will definitely review them in here so look at for that!

FR|| J’ai commandé les produits le 4 à 22h. Ma boîte m’attendait à la maison le 9 et punaise j’était contente! C’est sûr que je vais faire une revue des produits sur le blog donc faites attention!

Ever used black soap before? You should definitely try it. Until next time, remember to celebrate someone and empower them. ✊🏿👑

*Please keep in mind that the products were on sale when I bought them. This explains the difference in prices.


Sunday wear- Colour blocking 🔶🔷

Hola chicos y chicas!

I didn’t know coral and blue would look that good together until I tried it on Sunday and loved it!

FR || Je ne savais pas que le corail et le bleu iraient si bien ensemble jusqu’à ce que j’ai osé les essayer ce dimanche et j’ai adoré ça!


I completely forgot to take pictures when I was outside so I had to take them indoors.

They turned out alright so I won’t complain.

FR || J’ai complètement oublié de prendre des photos quand j’étais à l’extérieur, donc j’ai dû les prendre à l’intérieur de la maison.

Elles ne sont pas trop mal donc et je ne vais pas m’en plaindre.


Top/ Haut: veryyyyy old one from New Look

High waisted jeggins/ jeggings taille haute: Primark

Shoes/ chaussures: New Look

I have a feeling that I bought this top on sales a mighty long time ago and only wore it a few times. I had considered giving it away or throwing it for the longest time but now, I have grown into it.

FR|| Je crois bien que j’ai acheté ce haut pendant les il y a bien longtemps et ne l’ai porté qu’un petit nombre de fois. Combien de fois j’avais bien voulu le donner ou le jeter , mais maintenant, je l’aime trop pour ça!

The headscarf is s piece of material from a set of clothes that I had for a wedding. I am glad it worked with the whole outfit.

FR|| Le foulard est un morceau qui restait d’un tissu d’un ensemble de vêtements que j’avais pour un mariage. Je suis bien contente que ça l’ai fait!  

Choker: DIY/ fait maison

I wish you an amazing and productive week. Be empowered and empower someone else! 👑✊🏿