#RelationshipGoals by Pastor Michael Todd

Good morning and happy new year to y’all.

I can’t believe that this is my first post for 2018 but the truth is I had a post and still have it in my draft from the 1st. I can’t remember why I did not post it in the end but hey! Here we are… I wish you the absolute best for this year 2018.

It is still the beginning of the year and some of us are still setting goals. Some people have already broken their resolutions but the truth is everyday or every week is an opportunity to start again.

Like many people, I sat down and wrote my goals for 2018. I had a look at my spiritual goals, my professional, financial, health and lifestyle goals but also my relationship goals.

Relationship goals… now this is a big one that encompasses many areas or levels therefore it is great to spend time thinking about your goals. However, I am not here to list my relationship goals but to share about a series of messages by Pastor Michael Todd that I found on YouTube. They are helping me to reflect on the goals that I had set but also to see things from a biblical and sometimes different point of view. Some of what he said, I already knew but because I am trying to remain teachable, I am learning a looooot!

The very funny thing is that once I started to watch it, I started to see many of my friends talking about it in their stories (Snapchat/IG).

I’m writing about this simply because I think that even if you’re not Christian there’s still a lot to learn from this series. Also, it does not matter if you are single (single/ dating/ courting) or married.

Finally, the teaching took on many shapes including a panel.

As I am typing this post, I’m listening to part 5 of the series and I’m ready to go for part 6.

Do you have relationship goals? or any other goals really? Do you reflect on them regularly? Let me know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, remain blessed and empowered.


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Without good direction, people lose their way;
    the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.”- Proverbs 11:14



#IssaPageantLife: MMWIUK

#IssaPageantLife: MMWIUK

Hello there!! How are you guys doing?

Thank you for coming (back?) to read my posts. It is well appreciated.

What are we talking about today? Well, let’s talk about risk, stepping out of my comfort zone and pageantry! An awful lot some would think but really in this case, they are all linked.

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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #5||June’s Edition

June’s box has been here for more than a week now…. I’m terrible!!

For my defence, I posted the pictures on my Instagram page and before that, on my InstaStory. Therefore, if you follow me there, you already saw it all. Anyway…  How are you Highness?

What’s in the box?

Okay, so I know that this is not a piece of art but I thought it was cool so I framed it and it is now standing on my desk.


One thing I liked straightaway and for no particular reason was the yellow and orange combo. It looks B-O-M-B! Maybe it’s just me….

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#StudyingSociety: Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour”

This is such a poor excuse to anything and in any situation. I don’t want to hear this ever again, from anyone and this is why:

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” as soon as I start to flaunt my melanin.

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” when I want to create a safe space for people who are the same colour as me.

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” because you feel excluded from said safe space.

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” because you think “we are all humans”: did you or your people and forefathers not know we were all humans when they excluded us from everything possible? Did they not know that when they treated people of colour as sub-humans?

My colour upsets you because I celebrate it.

Because I see my flaws and accept them.

Yes we’re all humans but we are all different. Wether you like it or not, this colour that you “don’t see” is one of our differences.

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour”. How can you “not see colour”? Are you you colourblind?

Please don’t tell me you “don’t see colour” only when it is convenient for you to say so.

See my colour but don’t treat me as a lesser person because of it.

See my colour and still give me the job because I have the skills and knowledge.

See my colour and give me the treatment that I deserve.

Don’t you ever tell me that you “don’t see colour”- especially because you are trying to be politically correct… it’s not cute.

Be empowered my Highness, 👸🏾👑✊🏿


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#StudyingSociety:My hair, Your problem?| “It’s because your hair is not normal.”

“Define normal”, I asked.

You know that moment when people say these things that are not very smart and you start wondering if there’s bleach in their head?! Well that was one of them for me!

This is from a conversation that I had with a friend over coffee. On my work lanyard, I have a badge that say “Don’t touch my hair” because it is cool and also, somehow, people think it is a very much okay thing to do…. don’t ask!

So, we started discussing this and I was really trying to explain to him how weird that was. I also tried to tell him that funnily enough, this mainly happens to black women. He just could not see the problem. He came up with all kind of arguments such as it’s affectionate, it’s nothing  and so on and so forth. I refuted all of them. Aaaaaaand that’s when he hit me with the “it’s because your hair is not normal”. I almost hit the roof!


“What is normal hair? Please please, define normal for me! As far as I am concerned, my hair is normal for me and all the people that have the same type of hair as me think the same!”

He began stuttering. That was a nice load of rubbish what he ha just said. He realised it. Or so I thought.

I was quite blunt and asked him if his hair was normal and if so, why is that?

Is it the length? The texture? The colour?

Believe me or not but I could not understand where he was coming from! I had to remind him that he is Indian, for goodness sake.

What are we using as reference to normal hair? I would love to know.


I really want people to stop making black girls, especially the ones with kinky, coarse hair, that their hair is not normal or not professional.

Do they need to be reminded that it is the hair that grows out of our scalp?

I have gone past the understanding and teaching point. I am fed up with it all now!

I want people to stop asking stupid questions about my hair! I also want them to stop touching my hair or reaching for it randomly. Is that too much to ask?


It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural or relaxed, long or short, real or not, nobody should be entering your personal space, trying to touch it just because they feel like it or because it is nice.

This is the type of thing I have to deal with almost everyday in my local area.


Be empowered my Highness, 👸🏾👑✊🏿


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Málaga, ciudad maravillosa ✨

This time last week, I was enjoying the sun in Málaga!! Oh what a ciudad!!

I spent a week there and I did not want to come back. Málaga is me as a place: quiet and extra as the same damn time!!

Have a look at some of the pictures I took 🙂

They may not know that I am a French citizen living in England but they will definitely remember me as the Haitian girl, la morena con el pelo largo.

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My trip fell during la Semana Santa (=Holly Week, which is the week leading to Easter) so I really got to see the city being extra!

The people in the following picture are not part of the KKK but are Nazarenos, members of a brotherhood.

 As you can see, “the chair” followed me all the way to Spain smh.

Just chilling with my bull in Ronda!

Ronda is a pretty much a postcard!

Chilling en la casa de San Juan Bosco!

En la plaza de Toros de Ronda- the OG of the plazas de Toros! Serving some #BlackGirlMagic aye!

Málaga is a place that I will DEFINITELY go back to!!

Have you ver visited Malaga or any part of Spain?

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Back and Front and Black and White || #WhatIWoreToChurch

“I’ve been looking at your shirt and your front looks like your front but your back looks like your front too… what’s that about?”

Well…. that’s my shirt!


I am posing and directing the pictures at the same time…




Loading ⚫️⚫️⚫️

Zara did me well. I got this shirt for a tenner or just under. I was not 100% sure of it when I took it from the rail but I love me a white top so I told myself that I would try it home to see what it really looks like on.

To put it simply, I’m glad I took it in the end.

Usually, when I get clothes from Zara, I really feel like someone that has her life together.

Top: Zara

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: New Look

Although or because I wore all black and white, I decided to wear my colour on my face. Check the post on my makeup here 💜


And that is it for me for today. Hope you had an amazing start of the week. Much love and empowerment to you all💜👑✊🏿👸🏾