I’ve got tea… for my hair #NaturalHairCare

First thing first, hello.

Second thing… Say what now?! Tea? For hair?! Yes ma’am you heard me right. When I first got this I did think “wait… what?!” Until I remembered that it’s a common practice in Haiti. We quite often boil different leaves to wash ourselves from head to toe. I had simply forgotten about it all.

Tout d’abord, salut à toi.
Ensuite… j’ai dit quoi? Du thé? Pour les cheveux? Oui oui, c’est bien ce que j’ai dit. Quand j’avais reçu ça, je m’étais posé des questions jusqu’à ce sue je me souvienne que c’est une pratique assez courante en Haiti que de se laver de la tête aux pieds avec des feuilles portées à ébullition (du thé donc!). Il semblerait que j’avais oublié. 

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@MyEbonyBox review| January to March

@MyEbonyBox review| January to March

Good morning all!

If you are enjoying a bank holiday, remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!

It has already been 3 months- can you believe it? Three months so it can only mean one thing: time for a review! What have I used? What have I not used? What am I giving away? Keep reading to find out!

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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox|| March Edition

Good morning!

March was supposed to bring in a nicer and warmer weather but MISTAKE!! This year, March has been synonym of snow and negative temperature so far. Among all of this, one thing that warmed my heart was the arrival of my box. Although,  I missed it at first because the postman simply dropped the card for collection. It then turned out that the collection office closes at 2pm…TWO P! M! Like people ain’t supposed to go to work or something.

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#NewIn: all that hair care haul (ORS, The Body Shop, Shea Moisture and all that jazz)

Glorious morning all!

I pray this post finds you well. Okay, now tell me… am I the only one that goes to tkMaxx with no particular thing in mind and ends up with a whole bunch of stuff and wondering how I had lived without them all this time?

No? Just me? Okay… (all of y’all are liars if you said no idc idc!!)

It’s definitely is the case for me. More often than not, I would walk into tkmaxx looking for absolutely NOTHING and leave with a bag of essentials.. Please DO NOT ask. Continue reading “#NewIn: all that hair care haul (ORS, The Body Shop, Shea Moisture and all that jazz)”

@MyEbonyBox review- 3-in-1

Hello there!

How are you doing? How was your day? Your week? How is work? Or school? Or uni? I have been doing a lot of work on myself recently and oh boy have I been slacking with my reviews. Sorry about that.

It’s started to feel like my blog was all about My Ebony Box and nothing else. I’m trying to re-think things through and see what has been going well and what I can do to improve it all.

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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox| January edition

Hello everyone!

It’s almost mid-February and I’m only finishing my January unboxing… I’m a lame blogger! sigh. Actually…. I started typing this post almost a month ago then there was the house renovation then the moving then so much more. Anyways… to the real post.

It’s been a year!! As I am typing this post, I realised that I have been subscribed to MEB for a year now. 12 boxes in and I’m still here because I enjoy what I get and I get to support a black owned business. #IssaWinWin

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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox|| October Edition

Hi there!

Last month I was lazy and selfish extremely busy so i still have September’s content in my drafts… sorry about that. But this month I am back with the unboxing

October is a celebration month! This October is very special for MEB as they are celebrating they first birthday or anniversary- depends if you’re looking at it as something Queen J birthed or another company…

October is also my birthday… TWINS!

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