I went to prom last week…

and I fit in perfectly! See for yourself!

I went with the dress I had worn for the pageant. Red is my all time favourite colour so I am biased and will always think I look good in it.

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In doubt, match from head to toes #OOTD

Aaaaaand it’s a late post again … because life!

Welcome back to mi blog gentlemen and gentlewomen. I hope you are all well.

I’m back with a outfit post because I’m not gonna lie it’s late and I didn’t know what to post really.

For some reason it’s something I’ve always loved doing. No matter how lame I may sound, I like a good matching outfit.

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#IssaGlow | Happiness in a dress 💃🏿

Hello everyone!

How y’all doing?! I hope you’re enjoying the good weather coming around.

Today, a post that has been in my drafts for almost 2 weeks now. At first, I had titled it “Happiness looks good on everyone”. Then I changed my mind, not because it wasn’t true or anything but I wanted it to be an outfit post in the end. So I changed my mind.

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Haitian Flag day #OOTD

Gooooooooooooood morning!

It’s Thursday aka AlmostFridayday and I’m excited because I will get to sleep and rest properly this coming week. How you doing?

As you might have noticed, I did not post on Monday because of time and tiredness. I was really trying to get the post up but I couldn’t. Equally, I did not want to do something mediocre so I changed my mind and decided to go for Thursday (today).

So, last Friday, Haitians around the globe were celebrating their flag day- 215th year in fact. And this year, more than before, I showed up with my outfits and turned it into a weekend celebration.

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A shoeless OOTD | #WhatIWoreToChurch

Good morning and happy new week all!

I hope you guys had a good and restful weekend. This morning an outfit post but I have no shoes apart from my sliders. Just to clarify: I did have shoes but I had removed them after the service and I could not be bothered to put them back on so I ended taking the photos with my very comfortable sliders.

Bonjour et bonne semaine à tous!
J’espère que vous avez passé un bon weekend avec du repos et de la bonne rigolade. Ce matin, une tenue du jour…. sans chaussures. Je ne suis pas pieds nus non plus, j’ai mes sliders mais vous comprenez bien que ça ne va pas forcément avec ce que je porte.

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Less is more | #OOTD

Good morning,

Welcome to the second half of this week. How is work and life treating you? Or is it school?

What do we have today?! Well an OOTD … as mentioned in the title. Challenge for you: guess where I was going/ went! (Write your answer in the comment section below)

Bonjour bonjour,
Bientôt le week-end- une joie pour ce qui ne travaillent pas en fin de semaine! Comment ça va? Comment se passe la semaine au travail? ou à l’école? ou à la fac?  
Comme mentionné dans le titre, aujourd’hui, je viens avec une tenue du jour. Vous pouvez essayer de deviner où j’étais/ j’allais? (Ecrivez vos réponses en commentaires )

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