@MyEbonyBox review || May’s Edition

Good morning! How are you doing? Happy new month!

Just wanted to say a warm welcome to the new followers/ subscribers and thank for the love and support to everyone (old and new)

And it is here! I let June finish without the review of May’s box… sorry! I can barely believe that we’ve gone through half of 2017… just like that! I will be doing a big reflection and review of my life goals and accomplishments of the past 6 months!


Anyway, let’s see what has been used in May’s box

1- Gold eyeliner – Rimmel London RRP £4


Used and really liked the colour to be honest! I’m still working on my eyeliner skills and when I perfect it I will show you a look with this liner.

In terms of pigmentation, it is okay but it collected the colour of my foundation on my eyelids as I dragged it across them so I had to keep on “cleaning” the nib.

2- Exfoliating cleanser– bea skin care RRP £29

Not used yet… and I have no real reason to it- if I’m keeping it 100% real with you all.

3- Shea and coconut oil- Gro healthy RRP £4.49

Using it- This thing smells so nice it’s not even funny! I have not used it enough to actually review it

4- QUEEN make up/ pencil bag– My Ebony Box RRP £6

Used it a couple of time but I have a few pencil case/ makeup bags to use. Plus I really don’t want to ruin it in my work bag. I’ll used it during summer.

5- Scotch bonnet sauce sample- Tropical Paradise Preserves RRP £2

Using it! I didn’t use the pizza (?) recipe that came with cause I’m lame but definitely enjoying it. That I know!

6- Creamy whipped shea butter with precious oils- Aiko Naturals RRP £3.99

Used it and finished it. Low-key sad. Whipped shea butter is bomb because you can use it from the top of your hear to the sole of your feet! I need to get some more soon because #SupportBoB yaknow!

7- 2 Girls artwork postcard- Nicholle Kobi 

My set of frames is coming so nicely! I got the from Poundland but they do the job so YAY!

That’s it my people!

A new month. 31 new days to shine, to be empowered and to empower 👑✊🏿

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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox #5||June’s Edition

June’s box has been here for more than a week now…. I’m terrible!!

For my defence, I posted the pictures on my Instagram page and before that, on my InstaStory. Therefore, if you follow me there, you already saw it all. Anyway…  How are you Highness?

What’s in the box?

Okay, so I know that this is not a piece of art but I thought it was cool so I framed it and it is now standing on my desk.

One thing I liked straightaway and for no particular reason was the yellow and orange combo. It looks B-O-M-B! Maybe it’s just me….

1- Burts Levi Roots Reggae Reggae crisps by Burts crisps- RRP £1 ||http://www.burtschips.com

Food is bae- Crisps is food therefore crisps is bae, right? I have definitely tasted something from this brand. I’m surprised I have not eaten it all by now… see maturity!! (lol)

2- Women’s Energy tea by Yogi Tea || http://www.yogiproducts.com

If you’re a tea drinker put your hands up 🙋🏾🙋🏾 I know I am. Even if it’s really hot, I don’t mind having a cup of tea.

3- Caribbean Coconut Whipped shea butter by AfroDeity || http://www.afrodeity.co.uk

I have a feeling I’m gonna like this and annoyed that it is just a sample. I loved last month’s whipped Shea butter (wait for the review)

4- She who believed- silver bracelet by MEB RRP £10 || http://www.myebonybox.com

How cute is this?! I like the message! I have a bracelet with my name on it that I have been wearing for the past 2 years (or almost 2 years). I rarely take it off of my left wrist.

I normally get annoyed with bracelet on my right wrist because as a teacher I write quite a lot and it is a bit disturbing. All that to say that summer is the bracelets season for me- right on time!

5- Multi-use scarf/ headwrap/ sarong by MEB RRP£6

I have already made up my mind to use it as a headscarf so… that’s that. I will post a picture on Instagram whenever I style it, so connect with me on this platform 🙂

6- Moisture Silk shampoo and avocado smoothie conditioner travel set by Bourne Beautiful Naturals RRP £15 || http://www.bournebeautifulnaturals.co.uk

Somebody tell me they don’t look really cute!! They really are trying to get me summer ready (as they said in the leaflet).


Here is everything:


All items, bar the 2 samples, add up to £32… still more than what I pay for so still a big win for me. Don’t wait and get your own box from the shop HERE.

How are YOU preparing for summer?

Support and empower for Highness surely Empowers Highness.

There is greatness in you, Highness👸🏾👑✊🏿

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Pretty in powder pink.

Well, hello there!

I had not actually planned on going out this past Saturday, but I felt like getting dressed and putting makeup on. So I did. Here are some of the pictures that my almost personal photographer took for me (her insta)



Baby got back! Not really but since you could see my back, I thought it would be a good line…. sorry!



When I realised I had dried concealer on the back of my hand.


Me too, I can look for things that are not lost. See for yourself!



Bodysuit and (overworn and over washed) skinny jeans: H&M

Shoes: New Look

Clutch bag: Camaieu

Patra vibes because I know I am the queen of the pack.

And I’m out! Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have an amazing day. Stay empowered, highness.

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@MyEbonyBox -April’s edition Unboxing || Spring has sprung 

@MyEbonyBox -April’s edition Unboxing || Spring has sprung 

I have been gone forever. My last post was a short review of my February box from My Ebony Box. I have a very busy beginning of April then I was away for a week (post coming… keep you eyes peeled)


I have many posts coming up this second half of this month.


I came back to England yesterday (Resurrection Sunday) and I was really excited because My Ebony Box was here waiting for me. Without further ado, let’s go through what was sent this month.




1- Choc Plus – Hot chocolate marshmallow and chocolate. RRP is said to be £2.

Now, the thing is I don’t drink nor eat chocolate as much as I used to but this is nice to try. I will probably be sharing with friends.


2- Cream of nature– Açai berry and keratin strengthening hair masque- RRP £1

I normally like the products from CON. This is a new fragrance. I will only be able to use it when I remove my braids. I will keep you posted in my review of this box, next month.


+ 2 samples (shampoo and conditioner). I don’t have a whole lot of hair but I already have a feeling that will not be enough- especially the conditioner.


3- Choctone postcard by Ramses Schweizer- RRP £1.50

Indead, “my chocolate comes in all shades”. Love the message behind it! If yo are familiar with the Pantone concept, you should understand this easily. Another piece to frame!!


4- EWA Nutrilicious face mask RRP £1 on the leaflet but £1.50 on the insta page. 

It’s a mix of clay , coconut powder and some other powder. It is to be mixed with water of milk. I will try both ways and review it.



5- MEB– Handmade African bangle RRP £5

It’s MEB’s own brand. I love Ankara everything.I am VERY into that because they tend to be really unique.


6- MEB- Ebony noir candle. RRP £4

I’m not trying to be funny but this one of the nicest smells ever.  Spicy, woody and floral is EXACTLY what it smells like. I didn’t think I would like it but my mistake!! I had stopped burning candles a few months ago but I’m gonna get back to it because it is always nice. 


7- Bea skincare– vitamin infused Konjac sponge set £RRP £22

According to the leaflet in the box, it’s the part 1 of it. Next month, we should receive prat 2. I want to believe it is the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser from the same brand but I could be wrong.

I’ve had Konjac sponges before and usually enjoyed using them. We shall see if it makes any difference that it is vitamin infused!

For a grand total of £37-worth this is April’s box. Again a variety of products that I will surely enjoy.

Final thing in the box was a discount code to use on the website AfroHairSolutions.


Support and empower for Highness surely Empowers Highness.

There is greatness in you, Highness👸🏾👑✊🏿

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Short review of @MyEbonyBox || February’s edition

Short review of @MyEbonyBox || February’s edition

Hi all! Happy Monday! How was your weekend?

I mentioned in my recent unboxing of March’s box that I would  review the box from February, so here it is.

Here is a recap of the content- you can find the full article with all pictures here:

1- A mug from My Ebony Box. – RRP £10USING IT!- It is awesome! I mean it looks fabulous. I’m keeping at home as I already have a mug at work.

2- A lipgloss from Fashion Fair– RRP is £15. USING IT! and I don’t even like lip glosses like that. I normally prefer actual lipstick because I don’t like looking like I have just eating a bowl of spaghetti. Plus, my lips are 2 different colours, therefore I tend to cover it all or nothing.

3-Some dried strawberries called Strawberry Chewies from Vegan Alex– RRP £1EATEN!– If I am 100% honest with you, I had finished the pack by the time I had type the unboxing post. The were really nice! I’m making note to get some more.

4- A couple of samples from Shea & Coconut with omega 3. It is a packet of their smooth edges and their curling custard. USED! Note fore self: don’t sleep on the samples you are sent!! Then can be bomb. That w`s the case this time. I ended up buying the full size of the smooth edge. It costed 7 quid am!! SEVEN QUID! I’m glad it is doing what I want it to do cause I would not be happy.

5- A sample of avocado oil from Charlenes Hairipy. USING IT!- I have been using it whenever I remember.

6- Some art work from Caldey Muffet. USED IT!- I found a frame for it, it is currently crowning my desk.

7- A sample of herbal tea from Pukka. USED IT! As I have said before, I love tea an it was a pleasure drinking this one out of my new mug YAY!

8- An AMAZING Melanin choker from Inoir. – RRP £6 USED IT! -many times even. It travelled to France with me. I love how I had a full on convo about melanin with a melanin deficient friend because of it #EducationIsKey!

9- A calendar from Imani Academy. USING IT! Having the different celebration at the back is brilliant and useful. Need to get into the colouring though.

10-This book – Geraldine’s Pearls of Wisdom Wisdom for women by Marcia M.– RRP £2.75 READ IT and will read it again soon. You can get through it in a matter of an hour- depending on how fast of a reader you are.


VERDICT: the content was a amazing as it was varied and included food… that’s always a good thing. I can imagine how hard it is to find great brands to work with whilst trying to please so many different women.

It is way more than a beauty box or a haircare/ skincare one. For this reason, I want to say it is better than My ChocoBelle box that I used to received until they shut down.

Finally, I don’t really have to get out of my way to use the items so that I’m loving!

Do check them out if you are a woman of colour. Remember where you saw it forest lol. They ship internationally so it doesn’t really where you are- of course confirm with them before buying anything.


I pray you have an amazing, blessed and productive week ahead.

Remain empowered, always. You are Royalty 👑✊🏿👸🏾

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Spring ready || Peep my toes 

Happy New Month y’all!!! Many blessings over your lives.

How have y’all been?

Spring Equinox is on the 20th of this month. 19 days away!! To be brutally honest, I have been ready for Spring for a good month now.


for the past 2 weeks I have been getting into that Spring spirit and mood.

I went out to look around the shops and I came out with a few stuff that will fit in perfectly with the nicer and better weather that is long due!

I have been announcing the good weather, showing my toes here and there.


I didn’t know New Look was having sales swollen I went in the one in town, I was agreeably surprised. I picked the 2 shoes below for £20 I believe.

At the time, I am writing this post, I have worn the shoes -once for each and they are sooooooo comfortable. The navy ones rub a bit my big toes so I need to get me some of the Compeed protections to put in the shoes for next time. My other option the good old plaster.


I still kept them on the whole working day. I love both of them because they make my feet look really nice.


Now, Primark was also having sales on some items and I picked up the shoes below:


It is another pair of peep toes. They have much chunkier heels and they are still very comfortable.

I also picked up a pack of chokers- a trend that I have fully adopted and have become obsessed with…!!

I will try my best to post outfits where I wear them.


Are you guys ready for Spring? I know I am. I am actually ready for summer but I ‘m trying to be patient and sensible tbh!

Remain empowered all, Kings and Queens! 👸🏾👑✊🏿

The first of many|| Unboxing @MyEbonyBox

I AM BUZZING!! No seriously! I have been squealing since about 10 o’clock this morning. This was the time I received the first of my boxes from My ebony Box.

I’m going to assume that we all know how a subscription box works and not explain it all over. If not, google REALLY is your friend! Trust me!

Anyways, let us dig in the box and see what is inside:

A mug from My Ebony Box. – RRP £10

It reads: “This Melanin Goddess is lit, magical, blessed, winning and loved!”

I’m a tea drinker and I love me a sassy cup. I already know I am going to love this mug/ cup to pieces.

I think it fits in perfectly for the month of February- the month of love, they say. I am for the message it is sending so yeah! Since this is one of their product, they will probably have it on their website/ store.

A lipgloss from Fashion Fair– RRP is £15.

It is one of the Lip Teasers – Scarlett Kiss.

Some dried strawberries called Strawberry Chewies from Vegan Alex– RRP £1

A couple of samples from Shea & Coconut with omega 3. It is a packet of their smooth edges and their curling custard. Here is their website.

A sample of avocado oil from Charlenes Hairipy. It is 10 mL which actually looks like a decent amount of oil for a sample.

Some art work from Caldey Muffet. I need to measure it and buy a frame for it.

A sample of herbal tea from Pukka. It is a mix pf rose chamomile and lavender.

An AMAZING Melanin choker from Inoir. It an all elastic band with “Melanin” written all around. Goodness I can’t wait to ROCK this chocker!! 😍😍– RRP £6

Now, because I was a lucky dip winner, I was sent this calendar from Imani Academy. As it says, it is a calendar with motivational quotes, mindful colouring , some Adinkra symbols and so much more to enjoy!! Yay me!

This book – Geraldine’s Pearls of Wisdom Wisdom for women by Marcia M.– RRP £2.75

As I was flicking through it, I realised that it was signed and a little message that says “Dear Black Woman, you are a Pearl of Great Price and the world is your oyster. Marcia M x”- Thank you so very much Marcia.

Now, is the part that had me teary and o so thankful ALL day- though it was very full on busy day!! From the unboxing videos I have seen on YouTube, My Ebony Box normally promotes/ sticks on the inside cover of the box some art or the business card of artists and creators and so on. Imagine my surprise and excitement when I saw a quote from and a link to MY blog. I genuinely SCREAMED like crazy!!! I squealed. I read it over and over again. I was so happy. This could be absolutely nothing to many but because I love what this subscription box is about and what it stands for, it made my day/ week and whole month for all I know.

From the bottom of my hear, I would like to thank you Jenaitre Farquharson, the founder of MEB.

I know this is the first one but from it and all the other ones I have seen online, it is a service that I would DEFINITELY recommend!!

I have added all the hyperlinks in so you can check everything for yourself.

Support and empower for Highness sure Empowers Highness. There is greatness in you, Highness 👸🏾👑✊🏿