noun prog·ress: gradual betterment (from Merriam Webster online)

Answer this question: can you name at least 5 things you did not know how to do a year ago but do know how to today? What about 6 months ago? What about 2 weeks ago?!

Do you feel like you are making progress in life? In any area whatsoever?

If you cannot think of anything, why is that? Are you happy with this or you’re now considering new ways to improve and better yourself?

I like to think about my life journey as a stream water. I feel and know that the day I stop “moving” and become stagnant, I will start stinking.

It’s so important for me to keep progressing, developing myself and learning. Not only it keeps me going but I also know I am adding value to myself as a person. I could go on for hours into why I monitor my progress whenever or wherever possible. And I’m on it!!!

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New Lip combo from #Nyx

Good evening! Hello!

I love it when I find a new makeup combo that is simple and still looks good. Most of the time, it’s lip makeup and as I was typing, I also realised that most of the time, it’s with NYX products… talmbout love.

Anyways, I went out last Friday- last minute decision and did a last minute VERY simple makeup (you will see in a sec). Because I was not wearing eyeshadow, eyeliner or falsies I thought I would go fo some lipstick. I wasn’t feeling red that night so I picked up one of the first lip liners I could get hold of and lined my lips as you would.

Then, I started to think “what’s next?”. The colour looked really nice on it’s own but looking at it,I thought I should ombré it. I TRIED but I ended up having it on my whole lips. And here is the result… Continue reading “New Lip combo from #Nyx”

Skincare| Superdrug bargains #NewIn

Hello hello! Guess what y’all!! I have 2 weeks to go before the summer holidays aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh I can’t contain myself!

Earlier last week, when I walked into Superdrug I didn’t expect to fall on a bargain section. Yes ma’am! Yes sir! An actual section for skincare bargains. What does that mean? Well, it means that I just bought things I had not planned to… I’m sad!

Anyways, I came, I saw, I bought. (#StoryOfMyLife). For a grand total of £2.95, I picked up the following products to test ASAP

Palmer’s Night cream- £0.80

I don’t think I have ever used a night cream before… unfortunately, my life is not that organised. I already feel like a proper adult knowing that I have a night cream. Let’s see if I actually get to use it.

Neutrogena HydroBoost cleanser -£0.80

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In doubt, match from head to toes #OOTD

Aaaaaand it’s a late post again … because life!

Welcome back to mi blog gentlemen and gentlewomen. I hope you are all well.

I’m back with a outfit post because I’m not gonna lie it’s late and I didn’t know what to post really.

For some reason it’s something I’ve always loved doing. No matter how lame I may sound, I like a good matching outfit.

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Review: PS (Primark) false eyelashes

Hi there! How you doing?! Happy FridayIsAlmostThereDay!

Any plan for this weekend? I was just thinking: Plans to do nothing are still plans, amirite?!

Anyways, on this beautiful Thursday, I want to talk about these lashes I got from Primark- a “review” as they call it around here!

So eyelashes. Up to October last year, I had never worn any because I didn’t know how or because I never had any real reason to. However, for my pageant night, we had a MUA and she put on some eyelashes for me. Oh boy they felt weird. The whole time I was so conscious of them sitting on my eyelids and throughout, I felt like I had a curtain over my eyes.

(You might or might not be able to see them but that was my look anyways)

Mind you, I had received nice false lashes before- from friends or my subscription boxes but I just kept them, not really knowing what to do with them.

Back in January I set myself a challenge to learn how to apply false lashes… didn’t do it!

In April, I said enough and went for it. Before I abused the lashes I had (from the Vintage CompNy and what not) I thought I would try with another beautiful BUT cheaper set.

Found just that in Primark. £1 a pair. Perfect if you’re not regular eyelashes wearer like me.

I wanted to wear all three styles before reviewing but after trying Full Look and Sultry, the Natural lashes did not look too natural and very appealing. As of now, they are still in their box whilst I have gone through 2 pairs of the other 2.

Here’s my thought: I loved them!!

The sultry lashes

The Full Look lashes

They are both really beautiful but I think I loved the Full Look most because funnily enough, I thought they looked the most natural out of the 2. So natural that I did not even want to try the actual Natural lashes 😩😌. I will… eventually.

Now… they are cheap and beautiful, a decent size, what’s the catch? Well, the glue!! The glue that comes in the pack is pretty much rubbish- in my humble opinion!

So yes, but the lashes but most definitely get yourself a better glue.

I have tried another brand around the same time. Loved them too but they were from tkmaxx so I would have to ram the internet to find another pair.

I still have to practise applying them but I thought I did really well on my first time. In fact I was soooooo gassed that I had to document it on my Instagram.

Have you tried any of the Primark eyelashes? I saw that they have other ones (G.W.A)- another brand altogether. They are also a bit more pricey but probably worth the price.

Let a sista know what you think in the comments below.


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#IssaGlow | Happiness in a dress 💃🏿

Hello everyone!

How y’all doing?! I hope you’re enjoying the good weather coming around.

Today, a post that has been in my drafts for almost 2 weeks now. At first, I had titled it “Happiness looks good on everyone”. Then I changed my mind, not because it wasn’t true or anything but I wanted it to be an outfit post in the end. So I changed my mind.

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