Unboxing @MyEbonyBox | December Edition

Unboxing @MyEbonyBox | December Edition

Good evening y’all! How you doing?

2017 is almost over!! Can you actually believe it?! I was going through photos on my phone from December last year. It felt like they were taken yesterday tbh.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s have a look at what was in the last box of the year 2017.

This month, I did not get the leaflet that normally comes with the box so I can’t give you any price for the products or extra details apart rom what I can physically see. Please bear with me.

1. Body butter supreme by BournBeautifulNaturals

Like all the products from BournBeautiful, this is handcrafted. It’s a lightweight body butter that melts into the skin very quickly.

2. 2018 Melanin planner from MyEbonyBox

Look at all this glitter! Look at the crown! That melanin too!!

I’m normally terrible at keeping up planners but 2018 I will try so much harder because the planner is peng! Plus, it is so mall (pretty much the size of my palm but a bit longer I would say) so it can fit any of my bags.

This year, I will be going around with this planner and a notebook whenever possible. maybe 2018 is the year I really get organised… who knows?

3. “My Melanin slays” socks by MyEbonyBox

I already own 3 pairs of socks from My Ebony box but these have a different message written on them.

“My Melanin slays” is nothing but the truth!!!

4.  Hot chocolate on a stick by Choc-o-lait

Despite that fact that I don’t consume chocolate as I used to (if anymore), this is a brilliant idea: just stir it in hot milk! Mind-blowing!

5. “My Melanin slays… everyday” mug by MyEbonyBox

I don’t have anything to add apart that this is my second coolest mug!

6. Sleigh girl sleigh card by Cinnamon & Brown

I think I’m supposed to end those cards I get in the box but they are so cool that I keep them and collect them basically. Is that selfish?

7. Festive queen artwork by MyEbonyBox

” ‘this the season to be jolly falalalala lala lala”. The fro is too cute!

In 2018, I will be moving in alone so I want to have all my little art pieces together because they are cute and empowering. Can’t wait for that!!

8. Kwanzaa card from MyEbonyBox

If you don’t know, Kwanzaa celebrates the African-American or even the black culture. They celebrate a different principle daily for seven days. Every year when it comes on my timeline, one way or the other, I do a little bit of research on it. I’m glad I got this reminder from MEB!  

9. Chocolate cutie earrings by MyEbonyBox

Maxi earrings (I really mean maxi) with the cutest message… I’m here for it!

10. “I won’t apologize for who I am” badge from Ibere Apparel

A black-owned business that I have bought from before. They do really cool pins and badges that cover my staff lanyard. So an addition to my collection. Whoop whoop!


And that is it. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas day or Christmas eve or Kwanzaa or holidays…. whichever on you celebrate!!


Get yourself ready for 2018 and pray to God it is an amazing, productive and successful one!


Be blessed and be empowered, always.


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“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”- Romans 8:31


Unboxing @MyEbonyBox|| November Edition

Unboxing @MyEbonyBox|| November Edition

Hi everyone,

I hope this post finds you well!

After their first birthday, My Ebony Box got a face lift and it looks smashing. MEB truly glossed up. When they emailed me the new look of the box, all I could think was “yassss! Go on queen!”

Here have a look out the new box (new year, new me)

Now, what’s in there…? Well, using the words of the founder herself “it’s all Scrub up and Glam”

1- Bath moments Body Polisher- Vale Mill £1.50

To scrub the dead skin awaaaaaaaaay! I have not used one of those in ages. I normally go for the exfoliating gloves from Primark. Back to basic I guess!

2- Nylah peppermint and jojoba soap- sample

I now have a nice collection of soap off of MEB and this one genuinely smells like a mint sweet. Nylah will be launching this soap over the festive season so don’t forget to get your own!

3- Natur Boutique Organic Moringa tea- sample

I found out about moringa last summer and didn’t know you could get tea version. Can’t wait to try that!

4- “Life is Beautiful” bus pass/ card holder -myebonybox- £2.50

Too bad I don’t have an oyster or any bus pass so I will use it for other cards!

I love the artwork and the reminder that despite all, life is indeed beautiful!

5- Sleek Matte me rioja red £4.99

I have a couple of these Matte me liquid lipsticks by sleek. They are decent so a new one to add to my collection. A red one on top of that… glory!

6- Unicorn fan blusher brush -amazon £2.00

That is well cute… although I have not worn blush in MONTHS because of highligher! Again, time to get back to basic, right

7- Sleek pomegranate blush £4.99

See previous point.

Also, I have 2 of these blushes (a bright pink and an orange one) and this is a colour I would not have thought of buying myself but this looks like a colour one could wear everyday!

8- Queening artwork by Draw Me Close aka DMC

IssaGrowingArtCollection- when I move into my flat/ house, it’s about to be bomb!

It’s beautiful isn’t it?!

9- 24Ten Queen choker – £12

Last but not least, a Queen choker for the choker queen!! ayeeeeeee! Whilst typing this post,  I realised that you can wear both sides -the “leathery Queen side” or the suede-ish plain side.

Two in one… IssaWin!

Over £28 worth in that little babe! Get yours! Seriously!

I wil be reviewing September’s and October’s boxes soon despite the fact I did not do an unboxing for the September one.

Hope you enjoyed the read. Click “like” if you did and don’t forget to “follow” to get notified of the new posts on the blog.

Be blessed and be empowered, always.


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“What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”- Romans 8:31

My skin went through hell and is now back… finally

Hello everyone!

Help me say “Praise the Lord!” for I’ve got a testimony today!

My skin went through hell and is now back! Thank God!!

Now listen: I really can’t tell when it all started but I know when I started to take notice and focus on it I wanted to cry. My skin got real nasty… real quick … for what seemed like forever. I can’t remember having bad acne before that bar some pimples when I have my periods or when they are coming.


Top — left: April 2016 and right: June 2016
Bottom  — left: Aug 2016 and right Jan 2017


As I have said many times before in here, I stopped eating or indulging on peanut butter and chocolate and I saw a reduction of the pimples on my face- cheeks, forehead and chin altogether!

When I no longer had the actual pimples, I had to work on removing the dark spots left behind.

Top — left: May 2017 and right: May 2017
Bottom  — left: June 2017 and right Feb 2017

I know I wasn’t where I wanted to be but in September this year, I had decided to go to work without makeup- apart from my eyebrows. I didn’t want powder nor foundation on my face. It was a bid deal for me because I work I a secondary school

Bottom right is where I am at this early November and it is still getting better as I am typing this post. GLORY!


Top — left: July 2017 and right: July 2017
Bottom  — left: Sept 2017 and right Nov 2017

I went crazy doing research online because to tell you the truth, I wanted a miracle product that would work in one day… quite literally. At the same time, I was proper and still am scared of the products with manmade bleaching agents. Yes, I want clear skin but I have my boundaries and reservations.

I was looking for more natural remedies and skincare so I went for: rose water, lemon oil, tea tree oil and black soap.

I obviously used other skincare products- the vast majority if not all contains tea tree.

For a period of time, I used 3 products from the Effaclar range from Laroche-Posay.

I really can’t tell you which one had the biggest impact on my skin but they ALL played a role to get me where I am now.


Currently, I am using rose water and witch hazel as toner, I still have some tea tree oil and black soap. I won’t say I have a routine per say but I try to keep my skin clear of makeup when I don’t “need” it.

Now I have the odd spots that come and go and I can deal with that. But I am also trying to really set a routine that I can keep up with.


I guess my conclusion to this post it to pay attention to your body and your skin, with is the largest organ of your body. You’re in your body till you die so take care of it as well as you can.

Be blessed and be empowered, always.


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“That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither– whatever they do prospers.”- Psalm 1:3

Unboxing @MyEbonyBox|| October Edition

Hi there!

Last month I was lazy and selfish extremely busy so i still have September’s content in my drafts… sorry about that. But this month I am back with the unboxing

October is a celebration month! This October is very special for MEB as they are celebrating they first birthday or anniversary- depends if you’re looking at it as something Queen J birthed or another company…

October is also my birthday… TWINS!

Finally, October is ALSO Black History Month. So the content of this month’s box celebrates both occasions. I was really glad to open my “monthly dose of melanin self-care”

Check it all out down there.

From Palmer’s UK – https://uk.palmers.com

1. Cocoa Butter Formula Jar- RRP £3.65

can be purchased here (Superdrug)

2. Olive Oil Deep conditioner- RRP £1.99

From Black On Paper- https://www.blackonpaper.com

3. Billie Holiday A6 print- RRP £2

I did not know about this but the concept is amazing!

Did you know you could get your OWN face on paper?

… or a friend’s- whatever!

4. Black Glamour Squad badge- RRP £4

One more!!!! yes! I’ve got a thing for badges.

From MyEbonyBox- http://www.myebonybox.com

5. I am Black History earrings- RRP £7

Just look at them! I’m not gonna say anything else.

6. Gold frame- RRP £4

I have not tried but I have a feeling it is the perfect size for the print from BOP or even the one that came on the cover of the box. Will check!

From Shetai – https://www.shetai.co.uk

7. Natural hair butter- exclusive sample

This is such a nice size for a sample… I wonder how big the real products are :O

I’ve said it before, I love whipped butters for hair or skin because of the texture. I am a very happy product junkie right about now!

From their website: “Our lightly whipped, multi-use, super soft hair cream contains pure organic Shea butter lightly fused with nourishing natural oils.”

From Nylah- Nylah’s website

8. Herbal hair tea- grow blend -RRP £5

It’s really weird how we used to boil leaves (basically making tea) to wash from head to toe in Haiti as treatment for one thing or the other. To us it was normal but receiving this hair tea surprised me. Anyway, I cannot wait to try it.

From the website: “Herbs have been used for centuries to naturally soften hair, increase its manageability and restore lustre, body and bounce. Our Grow blend contains key herbs and super botanicals that stimulate the scalp and nourishes the hairs follicle helping to reduce excess shedding and promote hair growth”

From Green and Black’s – https://www.greenandblacks.co.uk

9. From Green and Black’s organic

This is really sweet as a gift from MEB. I will have to gift it to someone else as I don’t eat chocolate.


On top of ALL these goodies, I got a little extra… These gifts make me appreciate Queen J even more! I feel the love. I really do!

Thank you so very much!

And another one!! By the way, I just bought a few for some of my students. I can’t wait to give them out.

aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I am screaming!!! I swear she just knows me by now!! Hay are AH- MAY- ZIIIIING!! Let me go and be extra fabulous. I’ll see you later!



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“That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither– whatever they do prospers.”- Psalm 1:3





I am a pageant princess 👸🏾 

Good morning  everyone!!

How are you?! How have you been keeping?! Seriously it has been ages. Or so it feels. I have not checked but it feels like a couple of months without a post or interacting with anyone here.

I have been absent here but doing the most on Instagram (@highnessempowershigness).
Back to the topic of the post: me, a pageant princess 👸🏾 !

Just a week ago, after 6 months of training and driving back and forth to London, I was picked as the 1st runner up of Mr and Miss West Indies UK 2017. (*squealing with joy)


I know I be out here posing and taking pictures 24/7 but this was a first for me and completely out of my comfort zone.

I was really excited to be part of the top 3- although between you and I, I really think I was set to win. Not it’s not me being arrogant or conceited. Second place at my first pageant must be something!



During the 6 months, I learn to pageant walk in an evening dress but also a swimsuit! I learnt about the other West Indian islands and territories.

This journey built my confidence to a whole new level: I had been driving for a year in this country but I still had not been on the motorway because I had no real need to but also because of fear. However, when my application went through, I understood that I would have to be going to London quite often, therefore I would HAVE to drive there. Lo and behold, I had it in me already to drive to and IN London.

dress: PrettyLittleThing


Missguided and a bit of DIY got me that hot piece


Obviously, I was representing Haiti. Haiti is where I was born. it’s where I spent the first 10 years of my life. I know it’s weird to be proud of your birth location cause you didn’t get a say in it but I can’t help it… I’m Haitian. We are a people full with pride.

I did my best to do Haiti and all Haitians proud!


From the first day, I got so much support from the Haitian  community in the UK and of course my family in France, Canada and USA. The way it played and how I ended meeting the ambassador and the rest of them, I KNOW it is God!

The ambassador, Mr Bocchit Edmond and the minister Counsellor Mr Laurent Prosper and also my sponsor came to support and cheer me up and they stayed till the end. I was soooooooo chuffed!

I tried to give them a taste of the Haitian culture. Taught them something for Black History Month I hope!


I took a step of faith by entering this pageant. I did not get the crown but this tiara has already raised my profile and as a child of God I am bound to do great thins. After talking to some people, I realised that the size of the crown did not matter. All that matters is what YOU do with the crown that you have.

If you’re thinking about doing something out of your comfort zone, GO FOR IT!!!!! Seriously, just do it. Whatever happened you will grow and learn a lot about yourself.

You are royalty- act as such.👸🏾👑❤️



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“That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither– whatever they do prospers.”- Psalm 1:3



@MyEbonyBox Review || July Edition

Hello all! Welcome to the month of September! 4 days down! We’ve already gone through 2/3rd of the year: C R A Z Y !

I am very grateful to God to have been able to see the lat 8 months.

As August had finished, I know it is time to have a look at the products that I received from MEB in July and check if I have used them or not. If I have yet to use them, I will tell you why. Let’s go!

1- Phrooti’s Fruit infused water- DRANK!

I kept it for a bit for no real reason but it is done: I have drank it.

As I said in the unboxing post, it is water infused with real berries. It was refreshing but not sweet. I didn’t really like it because of that: there’s literally no sugar in it and I have a sweet tooth some sweet teeth. It did not work for me but if you don’t mind the absence of sweet taste, you can go for it. It’s a UK-made product too so check them out here.

2- The Soap Connoisseur’s Blossoming Blueberry Whipped scrub- NOT USED YET

I have a very good reason: I don’t have a define regimen for my skincare but I am working on it. I had to finish what I had because it was working for me so far. I’m planning on setting up a regimen that I will follow through the next months or so.

Their website: right here.

3-MEB’s Woke sleep mask- USED IT!

I don’t even care what anyone thinks this is just cool! Before that, I was not the “sleep-mask” type of girl but I guess you grow up and realise your mistakes.

Auntie, queen, babe’s website ->> here.

4- Jim and Henry’s leave-in conditioner- eight- USING IT

Did not take it in my suitcase in the end BUT I used it for the first time a couple of days ago- I mentioned in this post. I will keep on using it and see what’s up with it!

The first thing I noticed is how nice the texture is: fluffy and creamy and nice overall.

5- Purell’s sanitizing wipe- NOT USED

It’s in one of my bags somewhere…

6- MEB’s Goddess necklace- WORN!

Even my mom rocked this when I went to see her in Canada. Nuff said!

7- Feed My Creative’s luggage tag- USED!

At least 3 of the items I received travelled with me… I almost felt like MEB sponsored my holidays LOL. I already loved my tag when I opened the box. Did I feel stylish when travelling? YES!

This tag has been to Canada…. have you?

8- MEB Glorious fist badge- NOT PINNED YET

Getting this on my staff lanyard- ASAP!

I think this is one of the first boxes where I have used the majority of the items! AYE! For the unused ones, it is a matter of time!

I really hope you found this review useful. Pay them a visit, get a one-off box and see for yourself!

Have a fantastic week ahead. Take possession of what is rightfully yours IJN.

Many blessings and be empowered 👸🏾👑


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4cHair: Stretch it. Don’t stress it!

Good morning all! How was your Bank Holiday weekend?

I did not do much. Cross that! I did nothing at all so I had all the time to do something with my hair.

Now, so that you know, my hair has THREE different lengths because, I had grown the top, then the sides and now will start to do the back. As of now, I have an undercut and I am trying to reduce its size.

I had just taken down my woollen twists that I had for 3 weeks to go on holiday. I washed my hair and tried to thread it because I could  not be bothered to flat twist it as I normally do.

To moisturise my hair, I used the Jim and Henry “eight” leave-in moisturiser that I go from My Ebony Box 1 or 2 months ago. I am trialling it and will see if it works for my hair!
Here is how it turned out:

I did my best to pack it as a “ponytail”. I added a track of kinky hair around it.
I really like these tracks because of how they blend in with my natural hair.
If you know, you know. But if you don’t know, you truly can’t guess.

I rocked this on Sunday because who’s gonna telle me not to?!
I like the result very much but what I truly like with this style is that when I take it down, I have a whole new style.

I will do my best to keep my hair well moisturised so it is nice and soft when I remove the threads.

It was so incredibly easy to do that this will be part of my reoccurring hairstyles.

As my hair grows and I experiment more hairstyles, I will try to share them with you!

Hope you enjoyed it and are willing to give it a try. I know for a fact that some girls/ women do not like the look of threaded hair because they used to carry such hair when they were younger and it’s very ‘stay at home’.

The thread technique is really good to stretch your hair actually so if I can make it look cute, watch me do it!


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“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”- John 3:16