@MyEbonybox review || June’s Edition

Good morning, afternoon or evening all!!

How is the summer treating you? Are you working? Doing work experience? On holiday? Or simply at home? Let me know what you are up to in the comment section below.

We are well into August and I should have done my review and be opening August’s box by now but I am not home at the moment so I can only do the LATE review for now. Let’s see what I have used in June’s box so far!!

Okay, so I know that this is not a piece of art but I thought it was cool so I framed it and it is now standing on my desk.


1- Burts Levi Roots Reggae Reggae crisps by Burts crisps- RRP £1 ||http://www.burtschips.com

DEVOURED IT! Without surprise I loved it. I don’t eat a lot of crisps anymore but would definitely recommend these because of the little spice it has in it! DELICIOUS they were!

2- Women’s Energy tea by Yogi Tea || http://www.yogiproducts.com

NOT USED YET- here is the reason: I had misplaced it because of the big move I was having in my room after opening the box *sigh*

3- Caribbean Coconut Whipped shea butter by AfroDeity || http://www.afrodeity.co.uk

TO USE this week- I have brought it with me on holiday to use and review. See the size, it will be 2 to 3 servings I think. Check my instagram for review (@highnessempowershighness)

4- She who believed- silver bracelet by MEB RRP £10 || http://www.myebonybox.com

WORE IT- I think this bracelet is actually so cute. I used to have a bracelet with the same message but I can’t seem to find it. Therefore, this one came as a good replacement. It’s a great reminder and way to empower myself.

5- Multi-use scarf/ headwrap/ sarong by MEB RRP£6

USED- as a headwrap only for now bur for different occasion. I love my hair. God knows I do. But, my, my, how I lurrrrv a nice headwrap for real!!

6- Moisture Silk shampoo and avocado smoothie conditioner travel set by Bourne Beautiful Naturals RRP £15 || http://www.bournebeautifulnaturals.co.uk

NOT USED YET- I was finishing my Shea moisture shampoo and conditioner set. Now that it is all finished, I will start using this once I have taking my protective style down. Will let you know then.

All items, bar the 2 samples, add up to £32… still more than what I pay for so still a big win for me. Don’t wait and get your own box from the shop HERE.

Support and empower for Highness surely Empowers Highness.

There is greatness in you, Highness👸🏾👑✊🏿

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