#StudyingSociety: So… depression is not a white man’s disease?

I am asking in the same way many people think that sickle cell anaemia is a black people disease. That doesn’t make me ignorant… does it?

Hear where I am coming from… please!

In my 25 years of age, the vast majority of people suffering from depression that I have heard off or known are melanin deficient people. It is my observation. Do you have to agree? The answer is “no”. You may have had a different experience.

Picture source: here

Twitter, blogs, YouTube and the internet in general have made me aware of all our black and other coloured people- young and old, suffering from depression and above all, willing to talk about it and asking for help.


Out of all these melaninated people, again the vast majority seems to be located in “western” countries or countries from the north hemisphere. Is depression then a “white man’s land disease”? Well…. let’s have a look at this map found online


Shocking! Or not! People from the red/amber/peach countries would have all the reasons to be depressed. Then, why is there this feeling that it is a disease for the white man?

Maybe it is that we don’t call it the same. Maybe we do suffer from it but when you are constantly in survival mode, you can’t let yourself feel down because of what people said about you or because of what people have.

As a black woman, I was raised and therefore grew up  with that mentality that things happen- whether you believe in God or any higher power or not-  and we must be go getter! In Haiti, things barely come to you served on a silver platter.

I know for a fact that some people think that black people that are feeling depressed here in England are “soft”. They have left that British mentality and way of doing things get to their head… whatever that means.


Now, I am no expert in depression and mental health issues and will never claim to be. Nor do I suffer from it. I just want to educate myself and understand what people go through. I see the brain as this amazing part of the human that brings forth so many questions.

Are you a PoC suffering from depression? Do you talk about it with people around you? How are you getting helped?

I want to encourage you and I pray that you are seeking and are able to find help. I declare full recovery over your life.

Be and remain empowered always ๐Ÿ‘‘โœŠ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿพ

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One thought on “#StudyingSociety: So… depression is not a white man’s disease?

  1. The truth is … there are different things that are classified under depression. However, Learn to forgive immediately and move on knowing that Jesus love you no matter what… then you won’t be depress. Nice write up girl keep it on

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