New Year Resolutions or… whatever you want to call them!

Good morning and a happy new year!

2020 is here. Fun fact: many people are questioning if we should consider it as the beginning of the new decade or if it should be next year.

Whatever you believe, 2020 is here indeed and it can be “your year”. With the new year, come New Year Resolutions. NYR are like marmite: you love them or you hate them.

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Some experiences leave lasting “after-effects”

Living with Haitian people over 35 is an extreme sport. I think of myself as being very teachable so I like to listen to people’s stories and rationales.

Listening to these Haitians- especially 50 and over, you soon learn and realise that their ways are anchored in their experiences. If these people used to live in Haiti or are still living there, some of them were born under or just after the Duvaliers’ dictatorship era. They have lived or witnessed stuff they themselves cannot describe.

They had experiences which left some long lasting after-effects and they dictate their lives and by extension, our lives.

Having a conversation about this with some parents in Haiti was sobering and really helped me appreciate what they had gone through.

However now, I’m hurt for all these parents raising kids in Haiti currently. They are experiencing a whole entire set of traumas. I really wonder how these are going to affect their kids’ lives.

When and how will we be able to stop this cycle?!

I talk about Haiti because it’s close to my heart but the reality is that around the world, children are not allowed to be children and have a childhood for many reasons. Some young people have had a very restrictive life because of their parents’ PTSD.

Check your expectations …

Earlier today I was on twitter and I saw this exchange that really “bothered” me.

Michaël Brun is a young Haitian artist (a Dj to be precise) who released a fire album earlier this year – around summer time. He tweeted this morning that he’s touring in 2020. The tweet read “Bayo Tour 2020 💡”.

Some fans were excited and were giving ideas of cities etc and there was that one reply…

Now, he’s said it already because of the type of person he is and how he was raised, Michaël likes it when everything is clear and there no misunderstandings or issues with the people who comment on his posts and tweets. He really is as positive as it gets.

He genuinely seems like a sweet person so he tried to explain a couple of things to the person.

Whilst I am also a positive and polite person, I got annoyed by that person’s tweet. I really failed to understand what he (Michaël) is supposed to do about the fact that “Haiti is literally on fire (sic)”.

He is a DJ, not a firefighter therefore I couldn’t see what she expected from him.

First of all, I realised that it was not the first time that people had this attitude and behaviour in celebs’ comment section.

I really want to know a couple of things:

– what are THESE people effectively doing to make it okay for them have such expectations of celebs?

– do they have a plan/ idea/ project in which the celebs could invest?

– why are they so entitled? Why do they feel like the celebs OWE THEM a better life or whatever?!!!!

Haiti is going through a major crisis at the moment- potentially the worst to date. I got to notice that a crazy amount of the people talking the loudest are just looking at things from their screens in a house outside of Haiti.

They even have a textbook view of the situation and offer textbook solutions.

Togo back to the Dj- bless him- he started to explain the things he’s been involved in and the programs he’s been running etc. It’s like him justifying the fact that he can still do his job during the crisis.

I really felt for him. Celebs are human beings too

Let’s stop being entitled like this when interacting with them… they didn’t really owe anyone anything!!

When the sun rises…

I’ve been in Haiti for almost a month now and I can’t get enough of the sunrises.

Every morning I get to see the sun rising, I am in awe.

It is something that I could easily take for granted but I’m just starting to learn to appreciate it.

When the sun rises, it comes with new opportunities to seize.

The situation in Haiti is not the best so this is a reminder to be thankful to God.

As he takes care of His creation, I thank Him in advance for the day.