TeacherTalk: Suicidal youth

WARNING: this post may be triggering for some people!

Hello all! I hope you are all well.

This post has been in my draft since October 2016. That is almost 18 months ago. 18 months! Unbelievable.

What’s more unbelievable is that this still stands: so many too many young people/ teenagers today are suicidal or deal with suicidal thoughts on a daily basis. It ought not to be so.

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#NewIn: all that hair care haul (ORS, The Body Shop, Shea Moisture and all that jazz)

Glorious morning all!

I pray this post finds you well. Okay, now tell me… am I the only one that goes to tkMaxx with no particular thing in mind and ends up with a whole bunch of stuff and wondering how I had lived without them all this time?

No? Just me? Okay… (all of y’all are liars if you said no idc idc!!)

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@MyEbonyBox review- 3-in-1

Hello there!

How are you doing? How was your day? Your week? How is work? Or school? Or uni? I have been doing a lot of work on myself recently and oh boy have I been slacking with my reviews. Sorry about that.

It’s started to feel like my blog was all about My Ebony Box and nothing else. I’m trying to re-think things through and see what has been going well and what I can do to improve it all.

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Unboxing @myebonybox | February edition

Good morning everyone!

It’s so crazy how January lasts 6 months and February is over in like a fortnight!! I hope you have been enjoying 2018 so far.

My Feb Box got here last week and here’s what was inside:

1- Africa wooden studs from MEB RRP £5

These babies are so cute in real life. I almost missed them when I opened the box until I read the leaflet. It was hidden in the shredded paper that was filling the box. A new statement earring for auntie Mara! YAY!!

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Unboxing @MyEbonyBox| January edition

Hello everyone!

It’s almost mid-February and I’m only finishing my January unboxing… I’m a lame blogger! sigh. Actually…. I started typing this post almost a month ago then there was the house renovation then the moving then so much more. Anyways… to the real post.

It’s been a year!! As I am typing this post, I realised that I have been subscribed to MEB for a year now. 12 boxes in and I’m still here because I enjoy what I get and I get to support a black owned business. #IssaWinWin

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#RelationshipGoals by Pastor Michael Todd

Good morning and happy new year to y’all.

I can’t believe that this is my first post for 2018 but the truth is I had a post and still have it in my draft from the 1st. I can’t remember why I did not post it in the end but hey! Here we are… I wish you the absolute best for this year 2018.

It is still the beginning of the year and some of us are still setting goals. Some people have already broken their resolutions but the truth is everyday or every week is an opportunity to start again.

Like many people, I sat down and wrote my goals for 2018. I had a look at my spiritual goals, my professional, financial, health and lifestyle goals but also my relationship goals.

Relationship goals… now this is a big one that encompasses many areas or levels therefore it is great to spend time thinking about your goals. However, I am not here to list my relationship goals but to share about a series of messages by Pastor Michael Todd that I found on YouTube. They are helping me to reflect on the goals that I had set but also to see things from a biblical and sometimes different point of view. Some of what he said, I already knew but because I am trying to remain teachable, I am learning a looooot!

The very funny thing is that once I started to watch it, I started to see many of my friends talking about it in their stories (Snapchat/IG).

I’m writing about this simply because I think that even if you’re not Christian there’s still a lot to learn from this series. Also, it does not matter if you are single (single/ dating/ courting) or married.

Finally, the teaching took on many shapes including a panel.

As I am typing this post, I’m listening to part 5 of the series and I’m ready to go for part 6.

Do you have relationship goals? or any other goals really? Do you reflect on them regularly? Let me know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, remain blessed and empowered.


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Without good direction, people lose their way;
    the more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.”- Proverbs 11:14